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Creative Writing A-Z (runaways) - Referat

Creative writing

A big problem of runaways is, not to know whom to talk to.
Being afraid of parents is also a big problem, which some teenagers have.
Calling friends and talk about trouble is very important.
Drugs and alcoholic consume are no solution.
Everybody should be informed about such problems.
Fathers and mothers should talk to their children.
Going to runaway centres is a good way, to take children off the street.
Help? You can find it there, but there are limited places.
It is a good idea to call an advice centre.
Job problems of the parents cause a lot of trouble for families.
Karate is an interesting sport, also for young people.
Love and understanding are important for kids.
Mothers are often alone with their children and have not got enough money.
Never run away, without talking to somebody!
Over 39% of young people have been thrown out.
Problems are also a chance for finding new ways.
Quite a number of young people have got serious problems with their parents.
Running away is not always a solution to problems.
Some parents have got big problems with managing their own life, thatís why they are unable to care for children.
Team work at school is some great help for feeling not alone.
Unwanted children are often not really loved and run away when they are older.
Victims of poverty are often children.
Why do children often run away?
Xylophones are often played in the orchestra. Itís a good idea for doing something together with others.
Yes, it is important to talk to other people about the big and little problems of life.
Zoos are interesting places to get in contact with other children and young people who love animals, too.
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