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Commment: Chances and risks of robot technology - Referat


Chances and risks of robot technologies, thatís a very interesting theme. These theme is used in books, movies and games and that not in a positive way. For example the movie ďiRobotĒ based on Asimovs three rules. It starts with a world that is full humans and robots. The robots do everything for humans and to protect humans, but the a.i. of the super computer finds a way to ignore Asimovs rules and to harm humans. Another example is given in the movies Terminator and Matrix. The robots always created to do good things, start to harm us humans in the end. The fact is that we canít know what new problems will appear with our advancing technologies. In my view the technology gets so advanced that we will not be able to keep the control. Yes, it can be very greatful and these art of technology can make our life much easer, but i think it is very important that we donít get dependent of robots in our everyday life. These technology should be used at places where humans canít work and live, but not at places, where it isnít needed. Another point is that robot parts are used to ďrepairĒ humans. Like an robotic arm for example. But to put it in a nutshell, the most important thing is as i said before, we donít get too much dependent of robots in our everyday live. I donít mean these little ones that are already in our life, i mean robots that go shopping for us or do little works like cooking etc. If we can do this, than i donít see why we shouldnít use the chances of these technologies.

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