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Colorado - Referat

Informations about Colorado

Colorado is a very famous and popular state of the USA. It is 270.219 qkm large. 38,0% consists of forest. Colorado has been a federal state in the USA since 1.8.1876 and it became the 38th.state. Colorado is the 8th biggest state of USA. It's an "Centennial State" because it became a state 100 years after the signing of our nation's Declaration of Independence. The Flag was adopted on June 5, 1911. Originally designed by Andrew Carlisle.
Colorado has got 4.300.000 inhabitants. The capital of Colorado is Denver, Denver is the biggest town of Colorado, too. Colorado is a border state it amounts the west part of the Great Plains and the east part of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is the "highest" state of the USA, because more than 1.500 top of mountains are higher than 3.000 metres. This state has got 245 cities in altogether seven regions. For example Breckenridge. The oldest town of Colorado is San Luis (1851). The name of Colorado comes from the Spanish language, Colorado is the word for "Colored red" it's because there are many red mountains. In Colorado are very high buildings (look on the picture). The state Colorado lies in the mountain standard time zone, so if you spend your holidays there you must turn your watch eight hours back. For example when it's in Germany 16.00 pm then it's in Colorado 8.00am. Gold might be what made Colorado famous, but the mountains contain other rocks and minerals that humans value. Native Americans made arrowheads for their spears from chalcedony and used turquoise for jewelry. Today, we also use Amazonite (our state mineral), silver, aquamarine, topaz, and smoky quartz for jewelry. Coal, oil, shale, gypsum, marble, and other Colorado resources heat our homes, fertilize our fields, and help us in all sorts of other practical ways. Colorado is famous for its spectacular ski areas, too. The ski-resorts there, are the best of the continent. Colorado has the fun and adventure to satisfy most visitors who comes there to have fun. You can do there activities for all ages. You can do skiing or snowboarding in the winter very well, because the mountains there are very high and there are many larges and beautiful ski areas. Of course there are many exciting fun parks for snowboarder, too. One of this areas in the mountains for example is Peak to Peak. But in the mountains live many animals, too. For example the strip cresents (look on the picture).
In the summer you can do fishing in Colorado on one of the many lakes and rivers. The magical scenery around this lakes or rivers is very popular, not only for fishing. There you can make a romantic picknick with your partner, too.
An experience is "Hot air ballooning", it must be so great to look out of the basket and see the mountains all around you. On the rainy days you can spend your time into one of the many museums in Colorado or into Zoos and Aquariums. Of course there are nice sights to visit, too. For example Phoenix Goldmine. But that was only a little kind of the many activities you can do in Colorado.
The motto of Colorado it "Nil Sine Numine" which means nothing without Providence. Petroglyphs are pictures carved into rocks by ancient people. They can
be found in many parts of Colorado, but the ones we're famous for are in the western and southeastern parts of the state. In 1776, two priests explored Colorado's western plateaus and valleys. Then, in 1806, Zebulon M. Pike became the first American to visit here. President Thomas Jefferson had bought the land that is now Colorado from France in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase, and he sent Pike to explore this part of the vast new territory. In 1861, Colorado became a U.S. Territory, and William Gilpin became the first governor. Coloradans built their own rail line. This faster mode of transportation encouraged mining, tourism, ranching, and business in general.

Some famous persons, which lived there:
Clara Brown 1800-1882
Known as the founder of Denver's first Sunday school in 1859, Clara Brown also was instrumental in founding the St. James Methodist Church in 1872. She was the first African American to come to Colorado in the gold rush of 1859.
Horace Greeley 1811-1872
Known as a prominent journalist who promoted Colorado during the Gold Rush. The town of Greeley was named for him by the organizers of the Union Colony.
Alferd Packer
Known as Colorado's famous cannibal, Alferd Packer was convicted of cannibalism after it became known that he was the sole survivor among several prospectors stranded for the winter in the Colorado mountains. Packer was paroled in 1901 after serving a 15 year sentence.

short weather facts:
- 300 days of sunshine
- more than 300 inches of snow at the mountain resorts
- first snow in September (though it usually snows somewhere in the state every month, except maybe August)
Colorado means "colored red" and is known as the "Centennial State."

Denver is the capital of Colorado since 1876.The position of Denver is the east-part of the Rocky Mountains. Original Denver was once a place for gold-digger. Altogether 560.000 inhabitants from Colorado live in Denver. Denver has got two airports.The longest street of America, called Colfax Avenue is in Denver.

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