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Coca-Cola-Company - Referat

Coca-Cola, the most successful and well-known soft drink brand ever and the symbol of American culture.
And with that, welcome to my presentation about Coca-Cola.
But first let me give you a quick overview. At the beginning Iíll talk about the history of the company. Then about other products from the soft-drink producer. At the end Iíll list up some facts.
Historically, no single brand could ever reach the status of the Coca-Cola brand. Coca-Cola is available in almost every country around the world. Thousands of other companies are trying to imitate the drink, but nobody can get the secret recipe for success.
But how was the drink created? .

Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1886. The inventor was John Stith Pemberton a doctor who originally intended to produce medicine for his patients. Shortly before John's death, the pharmacist Asa Griggs Candler acquired the rights to Coca-Cola. He founded the Coca-Cola Company in 1892. He was so obsessed with secrecy that he never put the recipe to paper, removed the labels from all concentrates, and always hand-brewed his colas behind closed doors. It is still claimed that the recipe is one of the best kept secrets. The formula, according to a legend, lies in a vault in Atlanta; only a handful of employees have access to this and know the exact recipe. In 1893, Candler registered the trademark and sold it in America. At this time, the drink was sold for 5 cents per glass. In the original version of Coca-Cola, the medicine contained extracts from the leaves of the coca plant. The coca plant is the plant from which the psychoactive and mind-altering drug cocaine is made. Cocaine and extracts of the coca plant were banned in the United States and then worldwide, which forced Coca-Cola to stop using the coca plant extract. From this point on, the focus was on the caffeine and the carbonic acids. Caffeine also has a psychoactive and stimulating effect like cocaine, but to a much lesser extent than the coca extracts. To this day, the Coca-Cola Company denies that their drink ever contained cocaine. The medicine became a popular soft drink worldwide.

But the Coca-Cola company not only produces the brown, caffeinated soft drink Cola, but also many other drinks such as Sprite, Fanta, Fuze Tea, and others. Coca-Cola did not develop all of these drinks itself, but they also buy up existing brands of drinks and include them in their own Coca-Cola range. The marketing then still happens under the name of the actual beverage brand and the company Coca-Cola behaves covertly in the background. Only when you take a closer look at the label on the bottle then you realize that this brand is part of The Coca-Cola Company. This way, the Coca-Cola company also reaches customers who do not like the taste of Coca-Cola at all or who generally dislike the Coca-Cola company. To date, 3,800 different products belong to the company. Worldwide.

Coca-Cola is one of the most copied products worldwide. Almost every beverage company in the world offers its own version of cola. Dozens of types of cola can be found in every discounter and the soft-drink shelves in supermarkets are literally bursting at the seams.
In some countries, own brands have developed. Many consumers even prefer other private labels over the Coca-Cola drinks. There are also nations like Cuba and
North Korea where Coca-Cola is not available at all. Parallel products have often developed in these countries, which the local population considers to be equivalent or even more valuable than Coca-Cola. Mainly in countries critical of Americans, Coca-Cola is not allowed since Coca-Cola represents the United States of America.
But how did coke become popular?

The history of Coca Cola also means a piece of advertising history that hardly any other consumer product has experienced and shaped. Even the first advertising measures for coke were new and unique for that time. Candler believed in the impact of advertising, used it professionally and set a lot in motion.

In 1931 Coca Cola integrated Santa-Clause for the first time. Before Santa was rarely drawn as a bearded man with a red coat, rather with a brown hooded coat. The popular Santa portraits are still part of every Christmas promotion today.
In the 1930s, Coca Cola was one of the first commercials on the radio. 1950
Coca-Cola spots were first aired during a special Thanksgiving show. Refreshment was always the focus of the advertising message.
Additionally, the shape of the glass and the plastic bottle werenít randomly selected. To avoid confusion with other manufacturers, Coca-Cola launched a competition in 1915 to design a distinctive Coke bottle. Since then, the Coca-Cola bottle has been known worldwide with its unique silhouette and striking contour lines. The Coca-Cola bottle was patented in 1915 and is one of the few packages to have received a trademark from the US Patent Office.

Now a few facts about Coca-Cola.
- The drink is sold in more than 200 countries
- The Coca Cola Company employs more than 79,000 people worldwide
- Coca Cola is the world's largest manufacturer of non-alcoholic soft
-The company invented the six-carrier in 1923
- It would take 10 years if we tried a different Coca Cola product every day
-Coca Cola has already been in space and has been tested by astronauts
- 2021 the company made 9,8 billion US-Dollar profit

Finally, two more fun facts

- If you lined up all the Coca Cola bottles that were ever produced, this would result in a distance of 1,045 x earth-moon and back.
- If you stacked all the Coca-Cola bottles ever produced on a soccer field, it would make a mountain 60 times taller than Mount Everest.

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