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Coca-Cola - 2.Version - Referat

Everyone knows the slogan “on the coke site of life”. So I have choosen the huge Coca Cola company Coca Cola for my presentation.
I’m going to start with the history of Coke.

At the end of the 19th century the chemist John Pemberton mixed a brown syrup from the Coca plant and the Cola nut. He wanted to use as a medicine against headache and tiredness. But soon he found out that it becomes a tasty refreshing soft drink if you add water. Mr. Pemberton did not have the money to produce the drink alone, so he asked his friend Frank Robinson who owned a bottle shop just down the street to become his partner. Robinson invented the name Coca Cola and he also designed the famous logo which is still used today. However, sales weren’t good and the two needed money, so they sold the company to Asa Candler, a businessperson from Atlanta.

Candler had three goals for his new company:
First: Everybody should be able to pay for the drink.
Second: Everybody should be able to buy Coca Cola everywhere in the United States of America
Third: Coca Cola should become a part of everyday life.

For that reason Candler’s company opened syrup factories all over the USA. After the First World War, the Candler family sold the Coca Cola company for 25 million dollars to a banker from Atlanta called Ernest Woodruff. His goal was to turn Coca Cola into an international product. In Germany the first Coca cola bottle was filled up in the main factory in Essen in 1925 and by the end of the 1930s Coca Cola bottlers were operating in more than 45 countries.
Woodruff also advertised the Coca Cola image and its “secret formula”. He made a public show where he put the handwritten copy of Pemberton’s original formula in a bank safe. Only two high-ranked Coca Cola bosses would have access to the formula and their identities would be a secret. They were not allowed to travel together, so that in case of a car, train or airplane crash the formula would not be lost. The public reacted well to the show and sales of the drink reached new highs.

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