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Coca Cola - 4.Version - Referat

History of Coca Cola

Asa Griggs Candler buyed Company for 2.300$
1892 New Company called „Coca-Cola Company“
1893 protected the name Coca-Cola
Since 1896 in oter countries, too
Stations in Atlanta, Chicago, New Yourk, Los Angeles and Dallas
1917 Candlers son get the management
1919 he sold the company to Ernst Woodruff and Eugen Stetson for 25 Mio. $
One Year later the company will brake
Inventor: John Stich Pemberton
1923 Ernst Woodruffs son became President in the Coke Company
1926 starts the company Foreign Sales Department
 Fame
In the same year the first Coca-Cola bottle was produce
In the first productin year they sold 5.840 boxes
In the next year they sold 4,5 Mio. boxes
The seccond worlwar:
- No people who bye Coke
- No producing Coke
Fanta was invented
After the seccond worldwar:
Coke was sold
1957 Boxlegend Max Schmeling takes one Bottling in Hamburg
 Coke is one of the famest drinks

Interesting Figures

John Pemberton was the
Inventor of Coca-Cola

Asa Candler bought
Coca-Cola for $2.400 (1888)

Under the direction of Roberto Goizueta Coca-Cola became one of the top US corporation.


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positives and negatives aspects

you can buy it in more than 200 countries
it cheers you up
It tastes good
one of the oldest soft drinks

It makes you fat
diabetes, palpitation, potassium shortage could appear
It contain a lot of sugar and caffeine

Adverts and opinion of the consumer

-The opninion:

-many people said it is too sweet

-you will become feat and ill

-other thinks it tastes really good

-it makes you awake that you don´t have to sleep


-the coca cola was invented in the same year like

the TV so the first adverts was in 1886:

-A very popular video is the Christmas advert

One of the first videos:


one video tells the whole history of coca cola:


The newest advert for helping the poor people and kids:


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