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Cloning - Chance or Risk? - Referat

What means Cloning and what is the great ethical question that is standing in the background. All these things I will try to explain in the following. So, what is cloning. To clone a living organism means to copy the genetic code and set up a new organism that is identical to the old one. But to clone a living organism is difficult. Scientist tried to clone small organisms like worms. After many fails they received their first real cloned organism. Based on their advanced technology, they cloned the first bigger animal: Sheep Dolly. The Project Sheep Dolly gave them the certainty of going further to finally clone a human organism. But what is it about cloning a human. How far can we go until we hit the borders of moral questions? To clone a human, or to modify genetic codes means that you can mix up your ideal type of a human, without any mistakes. But is that the right way to design a perfect human? We can say that we have a lot of positive effects like no genetic diseases or other disabilities. We can set up genetic codes against widespread problems like cancer or other things. If the parents have an ideal idea of their child, they can change the abilities and model the best optimized appearance. If the world was filled with perfect workings humans, the science would rise faster and faster. In this world no crime and no imperfection exist, and we would live in absolutely safety. Second world problems like hunger or illness would be solved and we can optimize our way of living until we saved our planet from the climate change. So, to clone organisms is just the start of something great. Cloning means to overcome the impossible. Abusing cloning would be a problem that we can fix with hard security and rules. If there is a society without imperfection, illness, weakness and stupidity we would be perfect and fit in a working process that is willing to change the world. Some people will say that it is the wrong way to clone our self, that this is unnatural, and we are trying to play god. But all these accusations are just the fear to discover a new part of science. The human is on top of the food chain. The brain and the human thinking gives us the ability of researching our world, the universe and our body. We are able to do impossible things, and no one can stop the running progress.

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