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Climate Change - Referat

In the past two years, the Fridays for Future movement has gained thousands of followers and has received tons of attention throughout the different forms of media. Millions of young people march on the streets every Friday, to tell us that the earth’s climate is changing drastically in the next years and we, as a community, need to prevent a global climate catastrophe. But – is this really necessary?

Climate change may seem natural, as there have been changes in the world's climate throughout history. Our situation today, is very different though, because the rate of our climate change is 20 to 50 times faster than previously and our own species is responsible for causing this immense change.

Many might say that carbon dioxide and methane, which are creating the greenhouse effect that results in climate change, have always been on this planet and are not only created by mankind. This is true, but the amount of greenhouse gases created by us has risen greatly and there are more greenhouse gases stored under the ice that is beginning to melt, because of our previous actions. The release of this great amount of greenhouse gas will cause the earth to heat up significantly and will therefore trigger the sea – level rise, the heating up of our oceans, as well as droughts and heat waves.

We cannot simply assume that plants and animals will adapt to the alterations brought by climate change, because the change is happening at a rapid speed and more than a million species are in danger of reaching extinction. Not only did we create a speedy change of climate, we are also destroying and threatening the existence of many species, by deforestation, overfishing and not using our fertile soil in a sustainable way. At this moment in time, our planet is losing its species at a rate 1.000 times faster than the normal rate of extinction.

You might think that climate change does not really have an impact on your life, but it will surely have an effect on your grandchildren’s lives. They will have to bear the consequences of our former actions and thoughts. The planet is becoming warmer, the ice caps are melting, and the sea-level is rising. Our children and their children will have
to fight for their survival, while their planet will continue to warm up and eventually reach a devastating state, where most species are either extinct or endangered.

Our actions today will define the state of our planet in the future. By altering our own use of fossil fuels and resources, we can contribute to the impact that the human species has on the world. Switching of the light, when we leave a room, closing the tap, when we do not need it, these are bare necessities in our daily life that we need to have to reduce our use of valuable resources. We can decide what products we buy and how we let our economy be ruled. We need to step away from our ego and take a stand for our planet.

We might not think that it is important to rethink our way of living at the moment, but the future generations will be thankful, if we do decide to change our fundamentals. Climate change is not only about physical change, but also about ethical change. I believe that we need to rethink and define our actions by deciding what truly matters to us.

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