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Claudo Pizarro - Referat

Claudio Pizarro

Personal Things:

• born on the 3.October 1978
• his parents: Patricia Pizarro and Claudio Pizarro
• his brother and his sister: Diego he is twelve years younger) and Patricia (three years younger)
• 22.April 1999 he married his girlfriend Karla Salcedo

His Children:

• Claudio
• Antonella
• Gianluca

His big break:

• His big break was when he played for the U17 national team for Peru

his club’s :

• Deportivo Pesquero (there he played for one year)
• Alianza Lima ( his favourite club when he was a child ) (for tow years)
• Werder Bremen (there he also played for 2 years)
• FC Bayern Mόnchen ( he want to play there until his career end)

His greatest moments:

• DFB-Cup 2003, 2005, 2006
• 2001 he won the world cup
• And very often he won the German masters

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