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Christina Aguilera - Referat

Christina Aguilera
Christina Maria Aguilera was born at the 18th of December 1980 in New York. Her eyes are blue and her hair is blond. She has two nicknames: the first is Chrissy and the second is X-Tina.
Her father, Fausto Aguilera was in the military, her mother, Shelly Kearns was a Orgainist, she traveled in thier carrier around the half world. The stepfather, James Kearns was a medicalassistant. Christina and her mother were struck by Fausto Aguilera, therefore the divorce followed.
At the age of eight years, Christina went to "Star Search". She reached the final, but she loose. From the money that she won at the show, she bought a music box with microphones, because she wanted to learn perfect singing.
In 1998 she was chosen to sing Titelsong "Reflection" from Disney Movie "Mulan".
With this song she was nomminized for the Golden Globe Award. RCA record gave the same week a disc contract to Aguilera.

Wit 18 Years she had then her first commercial hit "Genie in a bottle".
She had also made a song with P!nk, Mya and LilīKim.
But today she has much super hits, because she i a superstar.

She was on tour with Justin Timberlake. And 2004 she changes her images, she want to be more serious. AT the US Votings for a new President she engaged herself in a campaign that young people should go to Votings too.
One of the hits in last year was titlesong from the movie "Shark Tale". AT the end of 2004 she crated her own Parfume "Xpose", this Parfume id not available in Germany till now! In AUgust 2005 she was one of the nominated of the Grammy award.
She would like to become an actor.

Her reached many Awars:

- 2000: Best New Artist
- 2002: Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals: "Lady Marmelade"
- 2004: Best Female Pop Vocal Perfomance: "Beautyful"

- 2001: Best Latin Pop ALbum: "Mi Reflejo"

- 2003: Best Female
- 2006: Best Female

Her last ALbum "Back to Basics" is affected by the music, of the 30s and 40s 20s years.
This Album was on Top of the Charts in about 17 Nations.

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