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This is Christina Maria Aguilera she was born on December 18, 1980 in Staten Island,New York. She is 32 years old. 2005 she married Jordan Bratman and They became a son. Oktober 2010 they get divorced. Since december 2010 she`s together with Matthew Rutler.
Christina Aguilera and her mother were regularly beaten and abused by her dad. When she was 5 years old her mother gets divorced. She, her sister and her mother lived then by her grandmother in pittsburgh. Her Grandmother was the first person who have seen that christina have a wonderful voice. Since she sings, she was in her neighborhood known as the little girl with the big voice.At the age of eight years, Christina went to "Star Search". She reached the final, but she loose. From the money that she won at the show, she bought a music box with microphones, because she wanted to learn perfect singing. In 1998 she was chosen to sing the Title song "Reflection" from Disney Movie "Mulan". With this song she was nominated for the Golden Globe Award. RCA record gave the same week a disc contract to Aguilera. She was on tour with Justin Timberlake. And 2004 she changes her images, she want to be more serious. AT the US Votings for a new President she engaged herself in a campaign that young people should go to Votings too.

She has recorded seven studio albums.
The first was called „Cristina Aguilera“ from 1999.
Then came the albums

Mi Reflejo
My Kind of Christmas
Back to Basics

Her biggest hit was the first singel „Genie in a Bottle“.
All together she has 124 songs.
Christina writes her text by herself and she produces other artists.
Christina Aguilera has done for a few years no more music.
Now she has returned with a singel called "Feel this moment" featuring pitbull.
She gets a star on the hollywood walk of fame and she has won four gramies.(bild zeigen) This is her star. She was eleven times nominated too.
At the MTV Video Music awards she has won 2 times and was nominated 21 times.
In January were awarded the People choice awards in Los Angels.
Christina became the Award for the best voice of the year.
She has starred in 3 films and has worked with this spectacle icons like Cher.
She has created her own parfums and they are one of the popularst of the world.
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