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Chocolate - Referat

Where did the Chocolate come from ??

The cacao bean comes from Mexico , Guatemala or Honduras . In 1502 Columbus discovered America and after a time a man with the name Cartes brang the first cacao bean to spain . There the people did nīt like the cacao bean drink . Later they do in the cacao drink vanilla and sugar and it was fantastic.

The first bar of chocolate was on the market in the year 1848 .

In the 2002 every German person eat 8.2 Kilogram chocolate (in one year) .

Makes chocolate happy??????

Yes chocolate makes us happy , because in chocolate are more than 300 contents. Some contents makes that you have lucky feels.

Is chocolate unhealthy ??

Yes in chocolate are very mutch calories but when you make sport or you arenīt fat it is okay to eat chocolate.

How mutch cacao is in the chocolate ??

In black chocolate is 70 % cacao.
In milk chocolate is 25 % cacao.
In white chocolate is the white cacao bean butter and sugar.

.... have fun with the chocolate .......

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