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Chicago Geschichte & Bevölkerung - Referat

Report about Chicago

Population and History

On the 12th August 1833 Chicago was found. Jean Baptiste du Sable found a
tradepost and swapped goods. This tradepost grew very fast, because it took a
great place. The Michigansea, the big seas and the Chicago River were a good
basis for a new big town. So only two years later, in 1837, Chicago was appointed
town. 4200 people lived in Chicago. For that time Chicago was devided in three
parts, which were controlled by three different tribs: the Creek, the Stoney and
the Cherokees. They were enemies.
When Illinois belonged to the USA in 1818, lots of new Big streets, railways, e.g.
the east-west-railway, and other things were built for better traffic. After this
Chicago was called “The gate of the west”, because of the east-west-railway. Now
Chicago was the most important tradepost for raw material and agricultural
1836 was the beginning for the construction “Illinois and Michigan Canals”, twelve
years later the construction was completed. 1850 Chicago had over 30.000
inhabitans and nobody couldn’t see an end of this stream.
1855 was the “Lager Beer Piot”. The german settlers fought for their rights. They
wanted to sell their beer also on Sundays. Between the 8th and 10th
October 1871 ”The big fire of Chicago” controlled and destroid the most parts of
this town. Many people had to die. But the town was rebuilt. In 1880 Chicago
could counted over a half million inhabitans. They called the town “The again
bornd town”.

10 years later the number of inhabiants was doubled. On the 31. december 1903,
580 people died in a theatre, which was burned after a bombing attact. The people
went to Chicago and new houses had to be build. So in 1885 the first high-rise of
the world with 10 floors was built. In the year 1920 one of the most famous
criminals of the world´s history, Al Capone, took up lots of Chicago´s town parts.
It was a state of emergency. But after some months the situation died down.
Since 1922 more and more people have made jazz- music.
Harold Washington became the first black mayor in 1983.
Today appioximately three millions of people live in Chicago. 36% of the
inhabitans are black.
The average age is 31. So, Chicago is a “young town”. Unfortunately, the
criminal rate is very high. In 2004 over 700 murder were commited. 1.900 people
were raped and over 18.400 people were attacted. And these are only official

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