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Cheeleader - Referat

The source Task, for the Cheerleader is, to encourage the audience to cheer on the sporting
events. Typical sports which the cheerleader cheer on, are: American Football, Basketball
and Icehockey. But more and more Soccer-, Handball- and Volleyball- crews have or want
cheerleader, too. In every winter are the national / international championships. In these
championships the cheerleader have about 3 minutes to do their programm / dutyelements.
They do their stunts, their dance and their cheer. The jury give more points, if the
cheerleaders do a difficult pyramid but it's more important that the cheerleaders do a good
job because the jury look mostly, how nice it looks!

The first cheerleader-teams came from the USA. 1898 was a football game in the University
in Minnesota; where the audience began to cheer the players, thats how the cheerleader
arised. Since 1980 cheerleading has gotten more popular in Germany. Today there are
about 400 German cheer-teams. The first known cheerleader-team in germany was the
"Düsseldorf Panther". In Germany it is independent for what kind of sport they cheer.

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