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Che Guevara - 2.Version - Referat

Ernesto Che Guevara

Ernesto Che Guevara was born in 1828 in argentine as a son of an rich family.
His mother was an well-educated woman which was against the normal conventions.
He studied medicine on the university in Buenos Aires and was in a communist-socialist organisation. 1953, as he became doctor of medicine, he made a journey to south-america and helped Lepra-sick people. He saw the poorness of the families and the cruel dominance of the government in these countries. As he came back, he knew that he don’t want to be a doctor any more..
At this time, a dictator, Fulgenico Batista had the power in Cuba.. Life was hard and many people were unhappy with the government,like Erneseto.
So, he travelled again to south-america.In Guatemala, he met his first wife, Hilda Gadea. She introduced him with revolutionaries and he came in touch with the communistic ideology. Ernesto knew that a communistic state would be better for the people and make their lives happier.After that, she told him about the lawyer Fidel Castro and his younger brother Raul. Raul and Castro tried with 100 another people to bring down the government in Kuba, but they had no success.
In Guatemala, Ernesto got the name “che”, what means “friend”.

Exactly to the time as Che was in Guatemala, there was a revolution too. After the new president was there, many of Che`s friends got arrested and he fled from the government to mexico.
In mexico, he fell in love and married Hilda Gadea. Che and a friend tried to make money by selling their own photographics of Mexico. Che didn`t love his wife as much as the beginning but the fact that he would never have much money to stay alive alone dictated him to stay with her.In 1956, their child Hilda Beatriz was born.
At his time in mexico, Che met Fidel Castro. Fidel planned with many armed Exil-Cubans
to go back to Cuba and overthrow the government of Batista. Che wanted to come with them as the doctor of the group They had in the little city Chalco near Mexico a training camp to train themselves for the fight. But the government noticed them and the rebels were brought to jail. After two months, Che was free again. Fidel Castro, as a lawyer, had helped him out of prison. He was told to leave the country, but he hid at friends.
Fidel didn`t give up. On the 23 of November, Fidel, Che and 86 another rebels travelled secretly to Cuba.
First, Che should just be the doctor for the group, but as the time went by, he became a full-armed member of the rebel-group. He became commandant of the eleventh column.
On the 29 december 1958, they seized the town Santa Clara after two years of guerrilla-war.
As they overtook more and more country, the dictator Batista fled and and Fidel was the new president.Today, Fidel Castro is still the president of Cuba. He made Che to the Home secretary. Che was known for his extremely heavy judgement against Batista`s soldiers and deserters. Official, 173 people got shot. Inofficial, it were more than 2000. Che wasn`t really a good politician. As a result, Cuba produced nearly no sugar any more and the cereal production halved. Therefore, he had to streamline the food. But the nation never was as hungry as
under the government of Batista.On the high of his political carrier, Che became Chef of the Central bank and the Minister of Industry.
He was a communist and socializationed the economy.
As time drew on, he didn`t go on as well as the beginning with Fidel Castro. Castro wanted a government likewise the communists in the Soviet Union, but Che was against that.
He left Cuba and took part in guerrilla wars in other countries.
The try to make a revolution in Africa failed because they were too little organised, and 1965 he came back disappointed.
1966, he and other Cuban warriors went to Bolivien to make a revolution with mine workers
and farmers. First, they were 44 fighters and they hid in the mountains of Bolivia.
They had little fights with the soldiers form the government, but the people in Bolivia didn`t really want to fight with the government.
1976, they got more and more defeated by the government. In the end, there were just 14 people around Ernesto, because the second leader was killed some weeks before. On the 8 of October, Che got wounded with an friend arrested. The Bolivian army was assisted by the American CSI. In the village La Higuera Che was kept in the local scool.The teacher Julia Cortez was with him in his last hours. The CIA agent and Exil-Cuban Felix Rodriguez wanted to question Che, but Che was full of contempt for Rodriguez qand didn`t say a word. On the ninth of October at 13:10, Che was shot by a sergeant of the bolivien army. The sergeant didn`t really want to shot Che, but after some hours of drinking alcohol he was ready to shot Che.They cut the hands off the death body and he was buried 30 kilometres away in Vallegrande.
30 years after his death, his corpse was found and buried in a mausoleum in Cuba with a huge state funeral.

The mythos:
Today, Che Guevara is a symbol for revolution and rebellion, especially for young people, but not many of them know about his life.The pop-art picture from Andy Warhol from 1962 is famous all over the world. If Che didn`t get murdered from his enemys, he would maybe never be so famous as he is. You can buy T-shirts, swatches and beer from Che Guevara. The most produced Poster of the world is the pop-art picture from Che.

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