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Charmed - Referat

I want to tell you something about my favorite Tv serie Charmed. Charmed is about 3 sisters and they´re witches who fight against demons and black magic. They´re called the powerful three(die mächtigen Drei)and their names are Prue, Piper and Pheobe Halliwell. But one day Prue was killed by a demon. Later when Piper spoke a spell(Zauberspruch)to find a lost sister, they find Paige Matthews their halfsister. So they were the powerful three again.
Now something to the persons:
Piper Halliwell: She is the oldest and she has two sons Wyatt and Chris with her husband Leo, he is a guardigan of the lights(Wächter des Lichts).Piper works in her club the p3. Her witchcrafts(Zauberkräfte)are to ossify somebody(jem. erstarren lassen)and to explore something(etwas explodieren lassen).
Pheobe Halliwell: She loved one of the biggest demons but they killed him. She is very famous because she works as an coulumnist. Her witchcrafts are Empathie and visions.
Paige Matthews: She is a half Halliwell and a half guardigan of the lights. She helps Henry a police officer to find murders. Her witchcrafts are orben(beamen), telekinese and to cure(heilen)

Charmed has 8 seasons. The 8th season is on TV every saturday. On Monday til Friday the 5th season is on TV.
The principial actress are Holly-Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell, Alyssa Milano as Pheobe Halliwell, Rose MCGowan as Paige Matthes, Brian Krause as Leo Wyatt and Drew Fuller as Chris Perry!
And if you want to now more about Charmed you can look at www.world-charmed.com
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