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Characterization Miguel La Linea - Referat

Miguel Carlos Octavian Paolo de Cerrantes or how he is called in the book “La Línea“ written by Ann Jaramillo Miguel is one of the protagonist of the story. Miguel is a brave teenage boy who shows the reader how hard live in Mexico is and why many people are trying to cross “La Línea“ to live a better life in the USA.

To hark back to the introduction, Miguel is 15 years old (p.5 l.5) and lives on a ranch (p. 5 l.20) in San Jacinto, Mexico (p.8 l. 20).

He lives with his social unprivileged family which can´t even afford a pair of new Jeans (p.5/6) for his birthday.

Miguel and his Sister´s parents have left Mexico to live in the U.S. as their where children and they haven´t seen them for near seven years (p. 6 l. 31). Of course the siblings are missing their parents (p.5 l. 4) but the family is depending on the money the parents are working for.

That is why he lives together with his Grandmother: Abuelita who is his substitutive Mother (p.5 l.10). Miguel works on the family ranch where he has to water the corn (p.10 l.8) but in his own opinion he is a bad gardener (p.10 ll.5-11).

In his free time Miguel likes to meet with his friends with them he also do illegal stuff like e.g. smoking and drinking alcohol (p. 11 l.1).

Consequently Miguel can´t imagine a great future at the ranch so his biggest dream is to cross „La Línea“ to work and live in Amerika (p.5 l.5). But also playing football in a famous mexican club is one of his drams if he stays in Mexico (p.5).
His big dream while living on the ranch was a new pair of jeans (p.5 l.22) which shows how poor his family is.

To sum up you can see that Miguel is a very humble (bescheiden) person with big dreams.
Those dreams are a consequence of his life in poverty in which he can´t imagine to live forever.
His decision to cross „La Línea“ is very brave and not typical for a boy his age.

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