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Changes in Qualifications and working conditions - Referat

Changes in Qualifications and working conditions

In former times:

- Bad payment
- Physical hard work
- No insurances  in case of desease: you will get unemployed


- Streamlining of the operational procedures and structural change in production, administration and services
 higher job specifications
- Work on your own , communicative and cooperate, critical, flexibility, motivated work, engagement and study further
- qualifications of women not the same status as the men
 the income og women is lower then of the men

- 6,4 Million people are working at the services
- In 2015 there should be 9 million new positions
- Positions of unskilled workers will demand higher skills then at the moment

- Many of employees are psychological sick
- Pressure to perform, future prospects and the fear of a possible unemployment are the causes of psychological diseases

Pre-school education

On the basis of the higher qualification abilities the education of children has also been changed.

Kindergarten in the past:
• The Creator of the Kindergarten was Friedrich Frφbel
• Several peoples figured out that the best way to teach a child is to let the kid self-employed learning. Learning by playing was the most important statement in the past
• They also learned about that children have got a natural urge to do something or to learn something. To support this learning urge the Kindergarten offers some nice games and toys
• The Kindergarten was a place for children with employed parents.

Kindergarten today:
• Scientist found out that the pre-school age is the most learn intensive time in live. So today
the Kindergarten is a place which is preparing children for school and gives them abilities which they also can use in their following professional life
• They are learning to connect to other peoples, to have respectful relationships to the educator, they become more attentive, get to know about concentration, get creative and so on…

What is the Kindergarten doing for education?
• The nursery school teachers are helping the children by learning and they support them by finding their special abilities and skills.
• Visiting Forests is giving the children a of respect for our nature
• The kindergarten is giving an structured course of the day
• The children get more and more involved in decisions and take responsibility
• With reading book with the children the educator support the language of the kids
• The most important task of the educator is to help the children by finding own solutions. The educators are just giving several ideas to a problem.

Are there other ways to support the young people?

There are several facilities like special-pedagogical kindergarden, forestkindergarden or farmkindergarden. All together are offering a special supply for a good education.

Project: making the children fit for school

This special project was created for children that seem to be unable to learn in the same time as other children in the same age. So these kids get in a special school as fast as possible to get teached by experts which are helping them by support them individual. This is especially important for children which are coming from other countries.

The abroad

Job specifications

Job specifications aren’t very different in Europe.
To have good skills in foreign languages is very important, especially for communication and teamwork with foreign colleagues

Educational Systems

There can be many differences in educational systems abroad for example the term of compulsory education.

The Educational System in Finland


Finland was the winner of the PISA Study in the year 2006.
In 1972 the Basic education was introduced.
The studies are free of cost.
High motivation
Small classes
Corporate feeling

The Bachelor-Master System

The Bachelor-Master System was arranged in 1989.
Until 2010 this System should be established at all German universities.


The knowledge of languages, international experience and cross-cultural competences are the basics for an successfully future at the job market and very important for your own flexibility, decision-making and responsibility, autonomy and personality development.

The Future
The offer and the request from staying abroad will rise
The need of foreign languages will rise, too.

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