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Central Park( the early history) - Referat

The idea for a park had a newspaper proprietor,William Cullen Bryant.That was in 1844.
He tried to convince the city council 7 years long.Finally he had success.The mayor Kingsland bought land northern Sutton Place.However it was too small for the people and buisnessmen dind't want to give up the East-River waterside, wich was important for deal.
Enough place was found in Manhatten.But this 340 hectare place for the Central Park was a finny and dirty place with pigfarms and rubbish dumps.
Two architects had to design the park.Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.The spent the winter of 1857-1858 for working on their plan.The people wanted an amusement park with beer gardens,ball fiels and outdoor theaters.City's elite wanted an elegant retreat with horse paths and drives.
In the year 1857 began work on the park.Olmsted and Vaux were reformers,they believed that this park was for all the people and it should be a place where rich and poor would mingle.Work was finished in 1876 and Central Park had farm-like meadows,wilderness forests,paths and formal gardens.
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