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Celebrations - Referat


Everywhere on the world people are making some celebrations. There are some celebrations, which everyone is resting like Chrismas. But there are also some celebrations that is resting only in some countries.
The Americans are saying „holiday“ for „Feiertag“ and this word comes from “holy day” means “heilige Tage”. But the most holidays are historical dates like Independence Day.
The Americans have got many holidays from other countries like Halloween. It comes from the Irishmen.But when there is a holiday it means for the American a real celebration.
The different between our celebrations and the americans is that every state can juse if they want to rest this celebration or not. But the most states are resting at the same celebrations.There are 10 regular celebrations and this are:

New Year’s Day (Neujahr): 1. January
Martin Luther King Day: third Monday in January
President’s Day: third Monday in Feburary
Memorial Day: last Monday in May
Independence Day (Unabhängigkeitstag): 4. June
Labor Day (Tag der Arbeit): first Monday in September
Columbus Day: second Monday in October
Veterans Day: 11. November
Thanksgiving Day: fourth Thursday in November
Christmas Day (Weihnachten): 25. December

Some Infomations to the celebrations:

New Year: This celebration is know over the whole world.

Memorial Day: "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old,Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.At the going down of the sun and in the morning,We will remember them." This is a verse what the Americans are praying at Memorial Day.

Independence Day: The Americans celebrat this day because over 100 of years their ancestors
fought for their freedom! An on the 4. June they won!

Thanksgiving Day: This is the same celebration like our “Erntedank Fest“.

Halloween: Halloween is celebrated on the 31th of October. This is a special day for kids! On this day they could disguised themselves and went from house to house and then they get som sweets.

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