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Cats - Referat


My talk is about one of the most successful musical of the world "Cats".

“Memory”: This is the most famous song of the musical. It is about the memories of a special cat: Grizabella. But more about her later.

At first I would like to tell you something about the composer of Cats: Andrew Lloyd Webber. Andrew Lloyd Webber was born on the March 22nd, 1948 in London. His father was a professor of music theory, and his mother was a music teacher. He is married with Madeleine Gurdon. They have three children together. Webber is composer of a lot of famous musicals, for example Cats, The Phantom of the Opera or Evita.

Now I would like to tell you something about the development of Cats. Andrew Lloyd Webber had the great idea to set the book of poems "Old Possums book of practical cats" of T.S. Elliot into music. He was not able to do this alone, that´s why he was looking for an assistant. This job got the leader of the Shakespeare Company Trevor Nunn. At first the stage in the London Theatre became a colossal big junkyard.
Especially for the customes, it was important to find a balance between man and pet. The choreography was made by the co-stage director Gillian Lynne. She had to find movements, that a man can combine with a cat.

On May 11st, 1981 the London Theatre presented the premiere of the musical. It was a big success. Tickets were outsold for month. On October 7th, 1982 Cats had its premiere on Broadway. In June 1982, "Cats" got seven "Tony Awards": for the best musical, the best musical score, the best book, the best production, the best customes, the best light production and the best supporting actress. No other musical before "Cats" had won so many awards! It is one of the most successful musicals of the world.

Now about the story:
Every year the cats meet each other in an old courtyard on a junkyard, because they want to celebrate a special ball: the jellicle ball.On this evening, the leader of the cats Old Deuteronomy chooses one cat, and allows it to go in the heavyside layer. Each cat wants to be the chosen one. Because it gets the promise for a new life. It will reborn. They apply for the journey to heavyside layer with songs about their lifes. Suddenly the cats hear a loud noise. They wonder if that is Macavity, the criminal cat. They hide themselves. Then they notice that not Macavity comes but Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie. These are two cats, which are getting their familys on the nerves. So the other cats come out of their hideaway. Finally Old Deuteronomy comes and the festival can start. Grizabella hears the noise of the ball and goes on the stage. She is a glamour cat, who was cast out from the Jellicle cats. She sings about her memories, as she still had a beautiful life. But the others send her away. Some other cats tells stories of their lifes, when it crashs again. This
time Macavity appears. He kidnapps Old Deuteronomy and then he comes back in a costume of Old Deuteronomy. He wants to kidnap Demeter. But she recognizes him. Three cats fight against Macavity. As he is hurt, he disappears with a flash. The cats are helpless, they don´t know what to do for getting Old Deutoronomy back. Then, Rum Tum Tugger has the great idea to call Mr. Mistoffelees, the magical cat. He asks him if he could help them with a magic trick - and it works. Old Deuteronomy is back. But then it´s dawning and Old Deuteronomy has to choose one cat. Grizabella goes on the stage again, and sings her song “Memory”. While she wants to go, the other cats fetch her in the middle. Old Deuteronomy makes the decision. The cat Grizabella is allowed to go in the heavyside layer.

At last I want to describe you some characters:

Grizabella is also called "Glamour Cat". As she was young she was beautiful and admired. She wanted to go out to see the world. When she came back, she is old and was cast out from the Jellicles. Only when she sang about her memories for the third time, the others accepted her in the group again, she is chosen to go in the heavyside layer.

Old Deuteronomy
Old Deuteronomy is the leader of the Jellicle Cats. He decides every year, which cat is allowed to go in the heavyside layer. Old Deuteronomy is very old, but nowbody knows his true age. All Jellicles have great respect of him.

Rum Tum Tugger
He is a very funny cat. He´s full of mischief and sometimes this is annoying for the Jellicles. He has his own head, because he is disaffected whatever you do for him. You can also call him the Elvis of the cats. He is very admired by the female cats. He was very proud that it was his idea to call Mr. Mistoffelees, who organised the rescue of Old Deuteronomy.

Now I am at the end of my presentation. I hope you enjoyed it.

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