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Cartoon Analysis - Referat

The cartoon "A Trump Thanksgiving" by Rick McKee was published on November 15th in 2016 on www.politicalcartoons.com. It is About Trump thanking an ancient pilgrim for immigrating to the US.

In the middle of the picture, there are two men shaking hands. The left one, wearing a grey suit and a red cravat, looks bulky. His blond hair and the expression on his face make him look like the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. The right one is a slim man with ancient clothes and a hat. In the background, you can see a boat that might be that Mayflower. The Trump-like looking man is saying: "Welcome to America! I'm gonna make America great again! So great, you will see unless you are here illegally, in which case you will go back to Mexico, believe me (just kidding) I could not have done it without evangelicals like you! Look at my pilgrim! I love the pilgrims but what is with the stupid hat? Sad!"

The cartoon is about a "Trump Thanksgiving". President Trump is thanking one of the pilgrims (who stands for all pilgrims who emigrated) for making it possible for him to become President. Moreover, it also satirizes his contradicting view of immigrants.

Trump, who hates the Mexicans and does not want them to emigrate to America he supports the pilgrims, that also once immigrated to a country that is not theirs.

In addition to that, the pilgrim symbolizes the social group that elected Trump as President, the male white evangelical Americans. In combination with the date of publification of the cartoon (after Trump's election in November), it is the Thanksgiving time where everyone is thanking for the things they have. The artist depicts this ironical which can be seen at the facial expressions of the two protagonists.

In the end, I think that the artist's message is not conveying both messages equally. You can see the contradiction of the immigrant problem at first glance but the connection to his electors is a rather hidden message. I really like the cartoon and the message it is conveying and think it is important to criticize President Trumps's behavior.

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