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Canterville Ghost - Referat

The Canterville Ghost

The Otis family bought a castle in England. They were told that the castle was haunted. But the family didnít believe in ghosts, and so they went to their new home. But when they came near the castle, it suddenly got dark. Then they found some blood on the floor of the library in front of the fireplace. The housekeeper told them, that this blood would not disappear: it was the blood of Lady Canterville who had been murdered on that spot by her husband. Lord Simon Canterville had disappeared 7 years later, his body had never been found, but his ghost still haunted the castle. Washington, the eldest son, didnít believe that and he removed the stains: as a result there was lighting and thunder, and the blood stains were there again. The next night the ghost was rattling with his chains. So Mr. Otis gave him a bottle of lubricator to oil the chains and went to bed again. But his twins threw a pillow at the ghost. Poor Lord Simon, the ghost, was shocked. For a whole week he only renewed the blood stains. Then he tried to wear some armours, but his knee hurt and dropped the armour. He had to sit down. Then the twins came to throw things at him, and were not even frightened by his laughter. But Mrs. Otis even offered him some medicine. Lord Simon fled. When he came out again he saw "a ghost" Ė but it was only a sheet, that the twins had put there to frighten him. The twins went on playing tricks on the poor ghost, so he decided to teach them a lesson: he dashed into their room, but as he went in he had a jug of water on his head, and the kids were only laughing. Poor Lord Simon crept through his castle as secretly and quietly as he could, but are night the twins caught him and frightened him again. One day Virginia, the Otisí only daughter, found the ghost in a room. She told him that her brothers would go back to Eton, and the place would be quiet. She got to knows that Lord Simonís
brother in low had starved him to death and that he could only rest in peace if somebody wept for him and his sins. The poor ghost was very tired as he had not slept for 300 years. So Virginia promised to help and the ghost took her with him through the wall. Just at that moment Virginia was called to dinner, but as she didnít come everybody went looking for her. After some hours the girl turned up again and told that the ghost was dead now and had given her as a "thank you" a box of jewels. Then they went to the place where they found Lord Simonís skeleton. So they arranged a funeral for Lord Simon. Then Mr. Otis wanted to give back he jewels to one of Sir Cantervilleís descendants, but he did not want them back. So Virginia got married to a Duke. When her husband asked about the ghost, she said that he had told her what life and death were, and why love is stronger than both.
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