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Canada lies over north-america.The country has approx (=Circa)30mio. Inhabitant.Canada is the secon biggest country of the world.69%speak English and 23% speak French.The Canadian-dollars have still a picture from the British Queen.The most canadian live in the southe part of Canada becauce of the circumstances for example:The climate and the countrysides.
Tourists from all the world use there holidays in canada,to see all the nice places in Canada!Canada is very varied from the sandy fertile coasts
and the creeks to provinces.Just few kilometre are remove the nature and the wilderness,and of course are there many long nice rivers and nice mountains where you get a real outdoor-feeling!
In the seas of canada are many kinds from fishes and mammals!For example.:The whales!With a littlebit luck could tourists in Neufundland see the nice wahles!In the Rockie mountains goes the nature in top form!The Rockis are wealthy beauty scene!
There is nothing more easy to to make!But Canada isnīt just country for outdoor-friends cauce in the methropoles for example:Montreal,Toronto and van couver there you can experience in the lage-city-livestyle.A must for all tourits are of course the the walk throu the Galaria in the BCE Building in Toronto,people who are interesstet in architecture donīt should miss it!!!Canada and there People are like a cooktail,with different cultivation and traditionell things!Like the Inuits,Indianer,British,German and Chinese so is it the country with one of the most multicultural things!

Mini info:
About Inuits!

In the north Canadas lies the artic tribes.Befor a short time we all began to Called there Eskimos.Eskimos becalled of there language roughflesheater!But there called themeselve Inuits(Inuk)Inuktitut are them language and becalled people.The Inuits live excusiv from that what live in the sea(fish)

The first european,who move to Canada and construction were the vikings who arrived at the atlanticcoast 1000 after chris.Canada are one of there countrys,who have the nicest waterfalls.
At the evening is the sky-line in Canada nice to watch!Who want to see a sunsunset should visit the coverhead-bay cauce itīs not far to arrive in prince edward irland!No point on the irland is farer as 15 km.to a sea or a creek!So if you have the money to move to Canada or make youre holidays there just do it Canada is a really nice country!

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