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Canada and UK - Referat


Canada is the second largest country on earth. The language is English and French. Canada is famous for their Forest and for the longest coastline of the world (a quater of a million kilometers). There is also a large fish industry in Canada.
It is also the coldest country in the world. The coldest it ever got was -63C in February 1947). The biggest nuclear powerstation of the world is also in Canada.
Canada is 120 times bigger then Austria but has only 4 times Austria's population.
77% of all Canadian live in towns (3/4)
97% of all Canadian have colour TV's
80% of all Canadians have english as their mother language.
80% of all Canadians live near the border to the USA

Canada is a constituional monarchy. The parlament is democratice. The parlament is composite in two parts:

The House of Commons (elected) The Senate (appointed)

4 years!!

The Parlament of the United Kingdom is similar

They have the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The House of Lords was previously a hereditary, aristoratic chamber, but today it is currently a mixture of hereditary members, bishops of the church of england.

The House of Commons:
Every inhabitant elect a Member of Parlament (MP) to the House of Commons. There is only one independent MP currently in the house of Commons, and two MP's from minor parties. Today, all Prime Ministers and Leaders of the Opposition have been drawn from the Commons!
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