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Canada - land of the maple leaf - Referat

The Canadian prairies along the American border are now unending wheat plains stretching as far as the eye can see. Farming plays an important role in Canada's economy.
The Atlantic provinces are largely dependet on fishing and agriculture. Traditionally the provinces were known for poverty and low incomes on the small iosolated farms and in the fishing villages. Today however, improved roads, growing communities and access to the larger cities are bringing increased health, educational and social services to the provinces.
Almost 30% of Canada'spopulation lives in the three largest cities in the country - Toronto and Montreal on the Great Lakes, and Vancouver in the west of the country. Canadians call Vancouver their San Francisco, but Toronto is their New York and largest city in Canada with some three million people. The capital is Ottawa, by the way.
French and English traders dealing in fish and furs arrived in Canada in the 17th century. The French made their first large settlement in Quebec in 1608. By 1670, the British were established at Hudson Bay. Some historians believe that the Norsemen settled parts of Newfoundland in about 1000 AD.
Canada's forests are the greatest renewable resources. They stretch across the continent 500-2,1000 km from the Atlantic coast westward towards Alaska. The western part of Canada is a mountainous wilderness known asthe Cordillera mountains. The coastal mountains. The coastal region is famous for its coniferous forests. Because the climate is mild, trees tend to grow to a tremendous size, often 60 m tall and more than 2 m in diameter.
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