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Camilla and Prince Harry - Referat

Thank you for being interested in my presentation. I present you Camilla, Prince William
First of all, I talk about Camilla,
Next I talk about Prince William
I begin with the first part.
Camilla Rosemary Shand was born at the 17th July 1947 in London.
She has 2 sisters and one brother.
Camilla studied in Paris.
1973, she married Andrew Parker Bowles and get 2 kids.
Thomas Henry and Laura Rose.
1995 were the divorce.
She found a new man, it was Charles. Camilla takes over many tasks of its married man and supports it with the inheritance
In March Camilla and Charles married
At the 17th July 2005 Camilla celebrated her 58th Birthday.
And in November 2005 they visited George W. Bush in the USA.
Now I talk about Prince William
His whole name is Prince William Arthur Philip Louis and he was born at the 21st June. 1982 in London.
He is a really good swimmer. He plays tennis, water polo, Hockey, rugby, golf, soccer and basketball.
But 1991 William break somewhat during the golf play.
1995 he studied Geography, biology and history. But his favourite subject is sports.
William has a Labrador and his name is Widgeon.
1 month after his 18th birthday he leaves the study. He graduated in June 2005
At the 21st October 2005 he works as an officer in an army.

Divorce – Scheidung
Inheritance – Erbe
Graduated – Graduierte

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