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California - 3.Version - Referat

I would like to tell you more about California and there coultures.
California is the third largest and by far most popular state oft he United States of Amerika.
California has 38,8 population. The capital of California is Sacramento.
Sacramento has 466 Million poluation. It is very much. The language is English and Spanish. The currency is dollar. The minimum wage are 9 US Dollar an hour.
Here is a picture of Sacramento. In my opinion the city is very very beautiful, and I could imagine for a longer period of time to fly to Sacramento.
The second beautiful and popular city of California is Los Angeles. Many people know the beautiful city also from the television. Many series and movies playing there from.
When we have evening in Austria is in California morning.

Most popular cities
The most popular citys in California are Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Springs and Anaheim.
California offers many interesting places. For example Disneyland, Adventure Park, San Diego Zoo, Golden Gate Bridge and last but not least Legoland.

I would like tell you more about Economy
California is the Austrian company in the trend. For hip products California is an attractive market and is seen by the Austrian company increased as a test market
The 38 million inhabitants of the Golden State have a soft spot for, green and clean 'and asked accordingly, sports, health, renewable energy, electric cars and Design.

Schools and Education System
California has three areas of school. The thirst is primary school, then secondary Education and last Postsecondary Education.
And here is a picture oft he schoolsystems in the USA, from nursery school to university.
American schools are from primary school to all day schools. Students eat in the cafeteria for lunch. The grades in the United States are letters. Also A B C D F, less then 60 per cent % are failed.
Privaty school are quite expensive. Public Schools are free as in Austria and Germany.
Not every school has school uniform.
Many schools has a dress code, which dictates what type of clothing must be worn in the school and what not.
Some schools (especially private schools) have school uniforms.
This is for example to improve / or prevent it comes to envy / bullying or competitive struggles for brand clothing, the discipline of the school.

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