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But was it murder? - Referat

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But was it murder?

By Jania Barrell

The people in the book are:
Inspector Eliot
Detective Bowen – Eliot’s assistant
Alex Forley – victim
Ronald and Catherine Crowther – Forley’s neighbours and friends
Amanda Grant – Forley’s girlfriend
Philip Wilver – Forley’s doc. And friend
Ronald and Catherine crowther – forleys neighbour

I would like to tell you something about a book I have read.
The title of the book is “but was it murder”. It was written by Jania Barrell.
In this book it is about Inspector Elliot, who called to the scene of murder in Blackheath, south London. With his assistant detective bowen, he exams the victim- alex forley, who seems to shot himself. Is it straightforward suicide or murder?
He founds out that alex was wealthy, lived alone, run a antiques shop, had a girlfriend (Amanda grant) and his neighbors hadnt seen him for a week and think to heard a gunshot.

The next day Amanda identified the corpse of forley and seems totally unemotional till there. She sad that alex and her had problems with their relationship and he stand near to Catherine, too. Also medical tests had carried out, that alex suffers to severe headaches.

A search of alexs house points out that there were 2 messages on the answerephone and money wasn’t the motiv, 2000 pounds lay untouched on the desk. Eliot again questions Catherine and she told him that she saw wilver call at forleys house and confirms forleys headaches. Eliot was curious about the relationship of alex, Amanda and Catherine and her references to a gun.

On a visit to alexs antiques shop, he learned from the manager that forley took 2200 pounds in cash from the shop, while bowen began to read forleys diary, wich was written in greek and latin. The police next visit wilver, who confirmed forleys headaches and tests, too. Wilver said, that he called forley to say that’s all clear and forley ask
to see him on Friday.

Anyone who connected forley speaks well of him, but eliot think, that somethings wrong in the wilvers house and mrs. Wilver seems to dominate the family. Also he is sure that at least to of forleys friends lied.

Eliot learns, that mr. crowther has a gun and that forley visit Catherine on Wednesday. Forleys diary reveals, that he has been a affair, but the name wasn’t found. Eliot and bowen has to confront the crowthers and found out, that Ronald has an alibi, he gave forley the gun, Catharine told about her feelings to forley and the jealously mrs. Wilver. Eliot now knows that the crowthers are not guilty and mrs. Wilver is the person, who are mystery. His next target was Amanda, but examination of her story proves out that she were not guilty, too.

Eliot is bluffed out, that Philip Wilver has falsified the test and forley thought he has an toumor and so he dragged forley to suicide in hope that he could salvaged what was left of the merrige with lisa.

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