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Bushido - Referat


Bushido was born on 28.09.1978 in Bonn. His civically name is “Anis Mohammed Youssef Ferchichi”. His pseudonym is for example “Sonny Black”. He is rapper, and his style is like the american gangsta rap. In Japan means Bushido” Weg des Kriegers” In 2000 he began his musical career as a rapper. His first release was on the Frauenarzt-Tape with King Orgasmus.In 2002 he released the album Carlo Cokxxx Nutten under his pseudonym, Sonny Black, in which he worked with Fler.In 2003 he released the solo Album „Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline„.In the year 2004 he left the label Aggro Berlin. He became Gold for the Album „Electro Ghetto“, „Staatsfeind Nr.1“ and „Von der Skyline bis zur Bordstein zurück“! Bushido works with the group „ersguterjunge“ and his newest Album is called „Vendetta“. The crue of „ersguterjunge“: Bushido, D-BO, Saad, Dj Stickle, Chakuza, Billy, Bizzy, Bahar, Decay and Screwaholic.

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