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Buckingham Palace - Referat

Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham palace is the home of the Kings and Queens.Now Queen Elizabeth II is living there. The Buckingham palace have over 600 rooms, a cinema, an own post office, a swimmingpool and a very big garden.. For a long time only special persons could go into the palace. But since the 7. August 1993 it has been allowed to visit some rooms in the palace. In October you can visit the “ Royal Mews”. This is the place where the coaches stand.

John Sheffield built the Buckingham palace in the 18. century.
But in this time the Buckingham palace was a normal cityhouse and his name was “Buckingham House”. In 1761 the “Buckingham House” changed his owner. King Georg III bought the house for his wife Charlotte. The house was only for holidays. But after some weeks the “Buckingham House” was only called the “Queen´s House”. After the changing from the owners the house was going tobe bigger and bigger. Georg IV, the son from Georg III, wanted to create a palace from a simple house.He needed more time than he thought and so his youger brother, William IV, had to finish the work. But he didn´t live there. The first Queen who lived in the palace was Queen Victoria. It was in 1837. But she thought that the palace was too small and so she also made it bigger. Now it’s a very big palace and it is called the “BUCKINGHAM PALACE”.

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