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Buchvorstellung-The Colombian Connection - Referat

Book report

By Alan C. Mc Lean

Welcome to my book report. I introduce you the book “The Colombian Connection“. The author is Alan C. Mc Lean.

I want to read little bit from the book. Book page 2/3

And now to the plot:
Kay Duncan works as a reporter for the `Newsbeat Magazine´ in New York. She wants to write a story about drugs.
Kay Duncan has an interview with Mr James Campaldi. He is the director of the National Drugs Council (=NDC) and he tells her that the cocaine comes from Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. Cocaine comes from the coca plant. It gets to the USA by boats or by planes. Drugs kill thousands of people every year. Drug addicts often steal money to buy their drugs.
A man in the street gives Kay a message. His name is Frank and Kay thinks that he is a junkie. The message says that she has to meet Andy Lopez in the bar of the Beekman Tower. This Mr Lopez tells the reporter about the man behind the drug business. His name is Mr Charlie and he is a businessman with farms in Colombia. He grows coffee and coca there. The coca goes to the coast and to the USA. Here the dealers mix it up into a nice white powder. Andy Lopez wants $ 10.000 from Kay for his information.
The next day she wants to meet him again. First she spends a nice day in Manhattan. Back in her hotel she gets a package. Frank tells her that Andy Lopez was dead. He fell from the 30 floor of an apartment block. But the truth is, that the drug dealers killed him because he knew too much.
When Kay opens Lopez` package, she finds a notebook in it, full of names and addresses, numbers and places. Kay doesn’t understand.
When the director of the NDC, Mr Capaldi, phones her, she tells him that she is going to fly to Colombia.
Kay spends two weeks in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Nobody answers her questions there and so she wants to travel to Santa Marta on the coast.
On the plane Kay meets a beautiful lady. Her name is Marisol Henriquez and she invites Kay to her farm - La Finca Hermosa.
The farm is a beautiful place but here are strange things: a big green
shed, a very high wall and Armando with his big dog Rojo.
One night the reporter sees the trucks stop at the shed. The truck drivers load sacks into the shed and drive off.
Kay goes into the shed and find sacks with coffee and cocaine.

Carlos Henriquez an Armando find her there. Armando gives her an injection and Kay falls asleep.
She wakes up in a dark room. Armando comes to her. He takes off his glasses and she remembers Frank. The NDC agent takes her to a helicopter.
Together with Carlos Henriquez they fly to the coast. There they wait for the boat Pajarito. The trucks arrive and the drivers unload the cocaine sacks.
Captain Blanco from the Pajarito is from the Colombian police. He and his men load the cocaine onto the boat.
Henriquez orders Armando to shoot Mrs Duncan. But the NDC agent wants to arrest the drug boss. So Carlos shoots at him. Armando is wounded but Kay gets his gun out of her jacket and shoots Henriquez.
Back in Bogotá, Kay Duncan tells her story about the Colombian Connection to the world and so her story can save thousands of lives.

And this is my own opinion:
I liked the book very much. It was interesting and exciting too. It was not difficult to understand and I nearly never look after words.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my book report and thanks for your attention.

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