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Bryn Griffith - On the dole - Referat


The Poem „On the Dole“ by Bryn Griffith is about an old man , who lose his job. Bryn speaks to a very important theme , about the machines which make people unemployed .
In the first of the four stanzas the old man stood by the bar , he was a miner on the dole , still strong at fifity , but unemploymend because of the machines which replace him . The narrator tells about the man's past of pain . The second stanza says that the most of his generation are into retirement , but he had ten good years to go . The third stanza describes again who the man stood by the bar and waste his time by a beer. He has not much money and he looks in an empty future, because he know it is difficult to get a job in his age. Thirty- five toiling years to nothing. In the last stanza is describes , that the men have no chance versus machines . His mind is outclassed by computers.

The Poem is telling by a third person limited narrator , beacause the narrator knows everything about the old man. The poet wrote the poem in present. He uses stylistic devices like alliterations (“past,pain”,”good, go”) and assonances (“dole”) . It contains no rhyme and have no regular metre.

The characteristic atmosphere is to describe in three words, gloomy, depressing and hopeless. I think the poet has chosen it to bring out the view on life of the miner. He feels redundant and no chance of ever finding another job again and therefore no chance of improvement, furthermore he is lonley.

The man is referred to only as “he” and “the miner” , because the miner is not presented as an individual but as an example representing the unemployed in general. Because of the modern technology ,
much people lose her employment , because computers work faster and are stronger than humans and that's very attractive for employer. The poem want to say that's especially for old people it's hard when they will replaced , because it is difficult to find a new job in this age , for younger people it's bad too to lose they jobs , but they have a better chance of other. The modern Technology change the job market developed towards a knowledge oriented society, because computers are taking over manual work. Therefore you need new qualifications and qualities . My conclusion is that the technology can not be stopped and you have to adapt , that is the problem of many older people and then you will end up like the man in the poem.

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