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Broadway - 2.Version - Referat

Broadway begins at the Bowling Green, that´s at the south point of manhattan, then the Broadway Bridge crosses the Harlem river.

To the 107. Road unites Broadway with the West End Avenue and follows their line toward northeast by Morningside Heights, at the Campus of the Columbia University and Barnard College.

The end of the Broadway is when it changed to the New-York-Albani post office road.
Broadway marks the east border of Greenwich Village, and at the same time the west border of East Village.

At the Herald Square, which is the crossing of the 6. Avenue and the Broadway there is the Macy´s (the largest department store of the world).

The Broadway is the largest north-south passage of New-York City

West of the Broadway, up to the Canal Street was to ca. 1825 the noble area of New York.



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