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Book Report Titanic - Referat

A Book Report About The Titanic

The title of my book report is Titanic. It’s not the story about Jack and Rose, but it’s a report about facts of the disaster of April 14, 1912.

The author of this book isn’t the author who was writing the movie Titanic – James Cameron. His name is Paul Shipton. He lives and works in the United States of America and writes mostly for younger people. “Ghost in the Guitar” is another of his books, but I didn’t read it.

In 1912, the Titanic is the biggest ship that was ever built. It is 269 metres long and everyone thinks that the ship is also very safe. The ship can carry more than 3.000 passengers, and has many decks, a swimming pool, a library, Turkish baths, and excellent restaurants and bars.
The Titanic leaves Southampton, on the south coast of England, at noon on April 10, 1912.
There are 2.207 people on the ship for its first trip. In the first class there are 322 passengers, in the second class 275 passengers, in the third class 712 passengers and crew people are 898.
The different classes don’t mix on the ship. They lives on different decks, the first-class passengers are on the higher decks, the second-class passengers in the middle and then come the third-class passengers at the bottom of the ship.
For the first-class passengers life on the Titanic is as comfortable as in the most expensive hotels in Europe or America. Some of the richest people in the world are on the ship. John Jacob Astor IV is possibly the richest of all, but none of his millions helps him – he also dies in the cold water in the North Atlantic. Bruce Ismay, the president of the White Star Line (the foreigner of the Titanic) and Thomas Andrews, the ship’s builder are also on the Titanic.
Life for the passengers in second class is comfortable too, but more than half of the passengers are in third class. To stay on these decks isn’t comfortable, but the rooms are clean and bright.
On Sunday, April 14, on 13:45 P.M. comes the third ice-warning on this day! Captain Smith doesn’t show it to his officers until 7:15 P.M.
On 11:40 P.M. an iceberg hits the side of the Titanic and fifteen minutes later, water comes into the ship. No hope, the ship is sinking now.
There is only one thing that Captain Smith can do. Just after midnight, he orders the crew to prepare the lifeboats.
Because there are more than 2.200 people on the ship, but the ship have only 20 lifeboats for 1.178 persons. So women and children are the first who are going. Parents say goodbye to their children, husbands kisses their wives for the last time.
While the crew begins to
fill the boats, radio operators Jack Phillips and Harold Bride begin to send messages for help. The first replies come from ships that are too far away. Then they hear from Carpathia, but this ship is about ninety-three kilometres away. It can reach the Titanic in four hours. When all the lifeboats are in the water, there are still more than 1.500 people on the ship!
At around 2:10 A.M. the musicians play a final song. Suddenly, the front of the ship moves down into the water. A big wave begins to move up the deck. The end is here.
In the great ship’s final minutes the lights go out. The ship is breaking in two pieces. People are still falling. At 2:20 A.M. the morning of April 15, the “Queen of the Ocean” sinks.
The people in the lifeboats pull for their life. The cold is terrible, but much worse it is for the people in the black water. Many are screaming for help, but the screams are becoming quieter, as the people in the water become weaker and weaker.
At 4:00 A.M. two hours later the Carpathia comes to the place of the accident. The crew counts the 705 survivors and bring them to New York. More than 1.500 of the Titanic’s passengers and crew dies in the North Atlantic!

I like this book very much, because it is very interesting to read about this history ship. When I saw the film, there was a sad love-story about a poor young man and a rich young lady. But the reality wasn’t romantic.
I think the author wants to show the different of rich and poor people. The most of rich people survived, but the most of the poor people and the crew died.

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