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Book "Falling Leaves" by Adeline Yen Mah - Referat

Falling Leaves
by Adeline Yen Mah

Setting: in China (Tianjin, Hongkong) and then in the USA


Main characters: Minor Characters:

• Adeline Aunt Baba
• Niang Ye Ye
• Father Adeline’s siblings


Adeline Yen Mah was born in 1937. Her mother died shortly after giving birth to her and so Adeline felt herself responsible for her mother’s death. Her family thought that Adeline had brought bad luck to the family. And so she was bullied by her father, by her siblings and her stepmother, she suffered terribly over the years, emotionally and physically.
Soon after her mother’s death, her father married Niang (the Chinese
word for Mother) and left his five children to his wife, an evil stepmother. She only loved her own two children, Susan and Franklin, and her bad acts were never questioned by her husband.

The only two persons who loved Adeline were her Aunt Baba, the older sister of Adeline's father and Ye Ye (her grandfather), who also suffered under Niang.
Everything what the little girl wanted was to be loved by her father and Niang and she wanted her father to be proud of her.
Only after winning a story writing competition the young woman was allowed to study medicine in London with her favourite brother James. She studies very hard and was really good at university.
After finishing her studies, she went back to Hong Kong, where Niang sent her to work at a hospital. But after some time Adeline got an offer to go to “Mei-Guo” (“beautiful-country”, the Chinese word for USA) and to work there at a famous hospital. Of course she wanted to go the United States and so she did not ask Niang and her father (she knew, that they wouldn’t allow her to go to the USA)
In the USA she married Bob. Their daughter Ann was born two years later. And this was the first time in Adeline’s life that she felt at home.

When Adeline’s father, who was a multi-millionaire, died in 1988, Niang ordered their children to come to China telling them, that their father had died penniless. But that was a lie; Niang took all the money from her husband.
Niang died two years later. In her will she gave every child some money, only Adeline got nothing. When they finally found their father’s will, Adeline was surprised: Her dad would have given her part of the. Finally she was happy, because she realized that her father had loved her, or at least a little bit.

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