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Bollywood - Referat

I´d like to tell you something about Bollywood
Bollywood is the name for the Film industry in India, whose main production is settled in Bombai. Don´t forget ,today is Bombay call Mumbai.

They made 900 film productions in a year, it would be more Film productions than in Hollywood. An Indian journalist created the term Bollywood by taking the B from Bombay and exchange it out with H of Hollywood and it developed the name Bollywood. The Film industry in Bombay is the biggest industry of the world.

Now lets move to the main part : Bollywood movies
Bollywood movies are typically musicals, almost always including songs and it is the largest film enterprise on the planet. Much larger than Hollywood´s.

The most successful Bollywood movie of all the times was before until 4 years still "Sholay" an action movie, which created to run 5 years long continuously in the Indian cinemas. But the movie Loveful Men will get marry you” broke this record. Since 1995 ran it continuously several years in the Indian cinemas

The Bollywood-movies are very entertaining with songs and dance.
In the 80th century the movies were shown only with classical dance,

but in the 90th century developed a more modern dance style. They mixed the music (elements) out from the classically Indian dance with the elements from Jaaz-dance, Modem Dance and Hip Hop. So it began a new dance style of the Bollywood movies.

The dance scenes in the movies are in each movie different, because it depend on the action of the film, from the story, which time and the place, where they played.

Not to forget are the famous “Love dance-scenes”, where the love pair are in the mountains, at the beach, in the snow and at other romantic places to show their love.

Now I go on with
For about two years had the Bollywood fever grasped the western world, too.
Bollywood movies were already shown on Arte, Vox (but in Hindi language with subtitle)
And now they show the Bollywood Hit-moviess on RTL 2 in German language.
Here are some movie pictures. The name of this movie is “sometimes Happy, sometimes Bad”. It was a Hit and it was the first Bollywood movie, which was shown on RTL 2 on 19th November, 2004.
This movie “Live! And don’t think on Tomorrow” was the second Bollywood-Hit and last Friday would shown the third hit movie I always be there for you on Rtl2. When you have seen this movies, or one of them, than you would know, that the movies are very emotional and entertaining. The next Hit–movie coming soon in the German cinemas.

How u see, is in every Bollywood Hit-movie the same actor. This is the actor Sharukh Khan. He is the Bollywood King today. Mostly when He is signed on
Films the directors would know, that he would do well. This is the magic of the King. Sharukhs first came into the limelight as a soldier. This took the Indian television by storm. Don´t think that Sharukh Khan is the onliest one Best actor in Bollywood. There are some other good actors too. For example Salman Khan, John Abraham. Hrithik Roshan,

10.Folie Bollywood King

This is the actor Sharukh Khan. I want to say something about this actor, because he is the bollywood king today.

Mostly when he is signed on films, the directors would know that it would do well. This is the magic of the 'King Khan.' Shahrukh first came into the limelight as a soldier, in a tele-serial.' This took the Indian television by storm. He got instant recognition and soon was cast in 'Circus,' a mega serial in the days when satellite television was still new and untapped. Little did he know then that he would soon be the most sought after name in Bollywood. Crazy in Love his debut film, opened the doors of Bollywood for him. Though he starred as a second hero to Rishi Kapoor, he made his mark. Soon offers flowed and what followed is history.

11.Folie ( wichtige Stars heute)

Important stars are Today:

Sharukh Khan: At the moment is he brand today

Hrithik Roshan: he is te most beautiful man from Bollywood

Aishwarya rai: Te model and the ex-miss world 1994 is today the biggest female bollywoodstar.

Preity Zinta: Star from the movies Live and don´t think on tomorrow and Veer –Zara.

Rani Mukherjee: at the moment is she very popular actress in Bollywood.

This two movies are Love storys and FAMILIENTAUGLICH and this movie I always be there for you. Is a mixture of action…..

Don´t think that Sharukh Khan is the only best actor in Bollywood , there are many many more good actors too. For eample: Salman Khan, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan,

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