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Blue is bitter - Referat

A speech about the book:

“ Blue is bitter”

- There is a girl, whose name is Lina (12) and she lives with her sister Teresa (9) and her parents in a bad relationship.
- Their parents are poor farmers in South East Asia and they work for Mr. Alfonso in a rice field because they have high debts.
- One day an expensive car drives around the poor contryside, where Lina and many other poor people live in shabby cottages.
- In the car sits a rich man, whose name is Max and who is the owner of a pub.He wants to buy Lina for his pub
- Lina´s father sells her for about 360dollars to Max
- (The pub´s name is Blue Lotus.The bookstitle is “Blue is Bitter” because Lina´s life in the pub “Blue Lotus”is bitter)
- Lina and her father think that she must help in the kitchen of the pub and that she never has to be hungry and that she has a nice life there.
- But Max only wants to make a profit and he wants her to sleep with many other men
- Lina sits at the front of the big window of the pub every day so that the men see her and want her for a night
- Being afraid of being beaten and the disgust of the men who have a one- night- stand with her determine lay down her life, which she shares with 3 other girls, who have the same experiences as Lina.
- By chance(zufällig) she gets to know a boy, whose name is Sergio.
- Sergio and Lina fall in love with each other.
- From that moment she saves tips from the men who sleep with her, to buy her freedom.
- But then she gets pregnant from one of the men and in addition Max wants her to lose this baby
- So she throus herself off the staircase and the baby is dead.
- As other prostitute tells her that her father sold her sister to a pub owner, too.
- Lina buys her sister´s freedom from her money so that Teresa won´t have the same experiences she has had.
- In her default situation: she has no moneyvand bad working conditions- she cuts her hairs and hurts her face, so that her face is disficured and so she must never work as a prostitute for that again
- In the end she lives happily together with Sergio together.

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