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Billy Talent - Referat

Today I want to tell you something about the band Billy Talent!

The first metting between Benjamin Kowalewicz(the songwriter and the vocalist),Aaron Solowoniuk(the drummer),Jonathan Gallant(the guitarist) and Ian DīSa(the bassist)was at a bandcontest(Bandwettbewerb). To that time they all played in different bands, but at the same evining they decided to find their own band. So in the year 1993 the new band \"Pezz\" started.

5 years later apperaed their first album \"Watoosh\". The style from the music was \"progressive rock\".

In the next year (1999) they created more \"rock\" and \"punk\" in their music. With this new style came the new name \"Billy Talent\", too. The name \"Billy Talent\" comes from a character in the film \"Hardcore Logo\". They liked the character so much, that they took the name for the band. Because of the new stlye and the new name a radio show was interested by them. And so they got a contract(Vertrag) at the company \"Warner Records\".

In the year 2001 they made a tour in Northamerika.

2 years later, 2003, they recorded their first album as \"Billy Talent\" with the same name (\"Billy Talent\"). There were songs like:
\"River Below\"
\"Try Honesty\" and
\"The Ex\" .

From 2003-2005 made a break.

In Spring 2005 they recorded the song \"Red flag\" and with that song they decided to record a second album.

From the years 2005-2006 they worked at the second album \"Billy Talent 2\".

songs(durfte ich nich):
Try Honesty
Red Flag
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