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Bill Gates - Referat

Bill Gates

William "Bill" Henry Gates is the founder of Microsoft and in the list of the richest people of the world he is on place two. His property amounts to 66 billion dollars (50, 5 billion Euro) (Forbes List of September 2012, richest people of the USA).
He was born on the 28th October 1955 in Seattle. In 1994 he married Melinda French, she also works in IT, and they have two daughters and one son. Billís hobbies are playing golf and bridge.
His father was a lawyer and his mother was a teacher. Bill was a computer freak and his parents were worried about him. He could make his driving license at 16 years and his parents gave him a Ford Mustang, but he was still a computer freak.
With his school friend Paul Allen he wrote 1972 programs for companies and so they earned thousands of dollars in a year.
In 1975 he cancelled his studies at the Harvard University and with Paul Allan established a company "trash o dato". They were working hard to build a very good PC. The name of the first PC was Altair, the Altair had a memory capacity of 4000 bytes and today the memories have a room of 8 million bytes.
In 1977 they established the company "Microsoft" to make a new operation system. A few years later they had a new system called MS-DOS, which is the base of the today famous operating-system Windows.
Windows was one the first graphic-operating-system. Most people of the world use Windows. I think, with Windows, Bill made a very, very important invention. But some people say he stole things from Apple and Amiga.
In 2007 he left the company and in 2008 he stopped working and
gave his complete attention to his foundation called "Bill and Melinda Gates foundation". This foundation was established in 1999 and the main focus is the health of the children in Africa and Asia and also the research on Aids.
Bill and his family live in Washington. He has a grandiose house that cost him 100 million dollar. I want to have a house like this. All guests have a chip that saves the personal music and photos. When his wife goes in a room, her favorite music is played. The house is near to a lake and he can go directly from his house in a boat and go waterskiing. All dates will be saved, for example the water temperature when he goes into the bathroom.
We choose Bill Gates, because we think he is a grandiose man.
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