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Bildbeschreibung Sheffield passend zum Lehrbuch English G 2000 - Referat


The first picture of the year 1750 shows you a countryside town which is called Sheffield. Sheffield is located in the middle of England and in the south of Yorkshire. It has an area about 358 square kilometres. The population of Sheffield is about 531.000 people. This photo is darkyellow and black coloured. If you look to the left in the foreground you will recognize ladies and gentlemen relaxing and picnicking. They are well-dressed people and they look very elegant, because Sheffield was a rich and wealthy provincial town. You can see forests and woods showing you the clean environment everywhere. In the middle of this picture you can see lots of houses and between them a church. At the boarder of the town there are cotton and weaving mills and the cutlery manufactories because cloth production was very important at that time. People had to make their own clothes and to grow their own food. In the background you can see a good mix of hills and valleys. The nature and the atmosphere make a peaceful, peasant and nice impression on me.

In the second picture from the year 1850 you can see Sheffield during the Industrial Revolution. The town is growing in size and steel becomes very important. The main fuel to smelt is coal. And coal causes pollution and pollution destroys the nature. How you can recognize in the picture smoke comes out of the smokestacks and disturbs the view. This picture is brown and black coloured and makes notice you the bad environment. The air is very mucky and sticky, absolutely polluted. The life of the people of Sheffield is not anylonger healthy and the people became ill but they have not time to recreate themselves because of bad working conditions. They have to work long but they do not earn much money. In the foreground you can see some children working. There are lots of multi-storey houses where smoking coming out of their chimneys, too. The atmosphere of the picture is depressive and threatening. I would not like to live in Sheffield at that time. In the middle of this picture you can see the church from 1750 but it is not in the centre and does not define the daily life. Transport ways are seen and the beautiful combination of hills and
valleys from 1750 is gone. Factories and high smokestacks are everywhere. In the background there are still hills and valleys but they do not invite people to walk into and recreate themselves.

In the third picture of Sheffield from the year 2000 you can find out that Sheffield is now a modern and big city with excellent places for its inhabitants. It offers you spots and activities. Modern and new places and historical buildings form Sheffield to be a cultural town. It invites you to go and live there. The atmosphere has become clearly, cheerful and happy in the meantime. The both houses in the foreground, which are multistorey ones, lead your view on themselves. Sheffield has to give lots of flats to its people. In the middle you can recognize a steelbridge making clear that a modern road system is introduced in Sheffield. The hills and valleys in the background are covered with modern houses, shops and offices. Nevertheless you have enough possibilities for relaxing. I think problems every big city has got like graffiti, vandalism, crime, homeless people, unemployment can also be found in Sheffield but they are not seen in this picture.

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