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Big five - Referat

The lion is, according to the Indian tiger, the second largest cat in the world. He has no natural enemies except the people. A lion can be up to 2.50 m long, with a shoulder height of 1.20 m. Unlike other cats, the lion is a pack animal with a pack usually consists of a few females and one male. The hunt usually takes place at night or at sunset. During the day you meet lions rather dormant.

The leopard is one of the rare sightings. The more one looks forward a leopard in the wild to discover. The cat is in contrast to the lions a loner. The shoulder height in male leopard is up to 80cm.

The African buffalo is also called Kaffir buffalo. Very often you will meet the buffalo in large herds. Buffalo should not be underestimated. This quite similar bovine animals have a right aggresives behavior. In males, the horns have grown together as a rule much larger and on the forehead. A buffalo can easily reach a weight of one ton.

The African elephant is the largest elephant in the world, and therefore the largest still living land mammal. Basically, elephants are more peaceful animals. Males are often a solitary road, while the females usually live in groups. An elephant can easily spend 70% of their day with food, up to 300 kg / day.

The rhino in South Africa is also known as Rhino, for as short form rhino. In South Africa, live 2 kinds of Rhinos the wide mouth (White Rhino) and the sharp mouth (Black Rhino) Rhinoceros. The terms White and Black Rhino refer here not to the color of the animal. While the white rhino is usually quite peaceful, you should take before the black rhino very careful. One sees an animal removal can often distinguish the animals at the head position. The white rhino keeps his head down rather because it eats from the floor, while the black rhino's head rather horizontal holds.

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