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Big Ben

Differently than in general accepted Big Ben with
13.5 t of weight heaviest of five bells of the famous clock tower are palace of the Westminsters in London and not hobby room clock tower. Die big bell is the second bell already dies in the tower, there die first by a bad luck with the dress rehearsal got broken. With the first attempt of coloured foreigners die anew poured bell instead of deliberate 14 whole 17 metric tons. Because of this false calculation she suffered with the first examining a tear long more than two fairs. Man decided, you die bell again to melt and to pour a new one with Dem. material. Gave, however, also to the new bell war in the beginning no luck. The bobbin war too largely and hard die so that bell within the first months was damaged. Nevertheless, this time it could be repaired again; the company was taken up with a lighter bobbin again. Today man generally also hobby room calls whole tower Big Ben, but this name is actually incorrect. Official calling of the tower is simply the bell tower (clock tower) or sometimes also the tower of the Saint Stephens. The tower which was built in 1858 by Mr. Benjamin Hall (1802-1868), a politician and state master builder, misses 96.3-metre height. The diameter of four dials amounts to eight metres. The minute hands have in length of 4.3 metres, you die hour hand 2.7 metres measure. With it she is die the biggest clock of Great Britain. The Big Ben is one of the best known landmarks of the city of London and one of the highest buildings of Great Britain.
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