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Bhopal - Global Hotspot - Referat

Gobal Hotspot: Bhopal, India

- huge catastrophy in 1984 with chemicals

- disaster in Bhopal in India in 1984 was the worst chemical disaster of the world
- the plant where it happened is owned by the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) from the United states
- the UCC is one of the biggest chemistry groups in the world
- all in all they produced about 2500 tonnes pesticides in Bhopal

All began with a strange smell on the 3rd december in 1984
- in the same night a broken holding tank exploded and about 40 tonns Meythylisocyanat (MIC) were released into the atmosphere
- MIC is volatile and uncoloured. It’s very poisonous and liquid. They use it for producing pesticides.
- This huge bulk of MIC went as a poisonous cloud into a housing area.
- Between 2000 and 10000 people died, several hundred thousands were injured, thousands went blind
- About 100000 of the 500000 who had contact with the gas are still suffering under cureless illnesses which are obviously inheritable
- the contamination is still big, the poison comes back every year with the monsoonrain
- this very day at every fourth birth the child is dead
- totalling, UCC payed in the following years 690 million Dollar to the indian state. but the money was not really used fot the victims.

the reason fot the catastrophy is easy to explain:
- the company effected extensive economies in safety arrangements
- and they also reduced the number of workers

MIC – Methylisocyanat
UCC – Union Carbide Corporation
volatile – flüchtig
cureless – unheilbar
inheritable – vererbbar
extensive economies – umfangreiche Einsparungen
holding tank – Vorratstank

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