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Betrayed - Referat

Im folgenden möchte ich mein Englisch Projekt veröffentlichen, welches in der ersten Bewertung relativ gut bewertet wurde (s.o.).
Ich habe selbst nach Hilfe für Betrayed gesucht, nichts gefunden und hoffe, dass dies euch helfen wird.
was zu beachten ist, dass sich die summarys ab Kap 3 nicht mehr an die summary-Form halten. Wenn Ihr einzelne Kapitel schreiben bzw zusammenfassen wollt, denkt an die Einleitungssätze aus der ersten oder zweiten summary.
Rechtschreibung und Grammatik sollten soweit stimmen.

Bei der Charakterisierung ist zu beachten, dass es zu wenig Zeilenangaben sind. Halt entsprechend ergänzen.

Viel Spaß damit!

Kommentare erwünscht ;)




The first chapter from the novel “Betrayed” by Carl Taylor, tells the reader about Thomas, the main character of the story,and his arrival in Hartlands, a very exclusive private school, and about the behaviour of Bradley, who is the bad-guy.
Everything starts with Thomas’s arrival in Hartland and how he gets to know his new room-mate. After the conversation of Thomas’s mum and his teacher, Bradley comes to his room and the reader gets to know that he is bad and will disturb Thomas while both are in Hartlands.
Finally nothing happens, because a teacher comes early enough to stop Bradley and his actions.

Chapter two from the novel “Betrayed” by Carl Taylor, starts with the moment, in which Mr Clay is sent to the lower dormitory to check the rooms and to find the one which is too noisy.
The scene opens with showing the reader the atmosphere and impressions of the ground of Hartlands from the view of Mr Clay. After this part he has to check the rooms of the pupils. When he enters the noisy room Mr Clay tries to calm down the loud pupils until another teacher arrives and ends the situation. A few hours later Bradley and his friends give Thomas the welcome treatment.
This is the end of the chapter.

The third chapter is about the treatment and the angriness of the headmaster because of it. It opens with the scene in the dining-room.
Everything starts with the pupils are sitting in the dining-room and listening to the headmaster. He is talking about the treatment that Thomas got and wants to know who has done that. Nobody wants to say who is responsible for this “welcome-ritual”. After everyone is still quiet he stops the interrogation.
The chapter ends with Mr Clay walking through the grounds and gets to know Mr Hansen. They decide to stop Bradley from doing illegal things.

Chapter four opens with the scene in the
pupil-pub of Hartlands. Also it is about the
unintended “birthday-party” of Thomas with Bradley
and his friends.
The first scene takes place in the pub of Hartlands. Mr Clay enters it and gets informed about about the problems the pub has with the headmaster. The second scene takes place in the lower dormitory, at the room of Thomas. Bradley and his friends rush in and rampage the room till Mr Clay comes and clears the situation.
The chapter closes with the try of Mr Clay to cheer Thomas up.

The next chapter, number five, is a very short one. It is just about a conversation of Mr Clay and Mr Graham and a visit of Bradley’s dad in Hartlands. It opens with the scene in Mr Clay’s apartment.
Mr Clay and Mr Graham are talking about the pub in the beginning of the chapter. Later on they discuss about Bradley, the owner of the pub. The second part of the chapter is more important than the first one. Bradley’s father arrives at school. He talks about the organisation of his son and about the headmaster.
It ends with Mr Bradley leaving school.

Chapter six is a very important part of the novel. It tells the reader everything about the public interrogation of Bradley and what happened after this meeting.
Everything starts with Bradley walking to his interrogation. In this short part the reader gets informed that Bradley does a lot of illegal activities, for example selling motorbikes without papers. In the drama room , where the interrogation is, Bradley is very serious and is able to answer every question of the headmaster. So the teachers have no chance to do anything against him. After this meeting Bradley talks to his friends very seriously. He needs a new buisness to make money.
The chapter ends with a little conversation with Mr Clay and Mr Hansen.

The seventh chapter is a short one, which tells the reader a lot about the relationship between Thomas and Mr Clay.
It opens with the scene in the countryside of Hartlands. Mr Clay meets Thomas at random. While they are talking they loose the track of time. On the way back to Hartlands Mr Clay tries to get to know something about Bradley. But suddently the Bradley drives to school with a car. While driving next to them, he looks at Thomas very seriously. After this scene Thomas was silent, because he is afraid of Bradley.

Chapter eight is about the things that
happened because of the conversation of
and Mr Clay. It is divided into two parts.
In the first Mr Clay interrogates Bradley about the illegal things he runs. But he gets to know nothing, because Bradley behaves like a normal innocent boy, who has done nothing bad. The second part opens with Thomas walking back to his room after playing tennis. On the way Bradley and his friends stop him and strike him down.
The chapter ends with Thomas talking to Mr Clay and he tells him everything about Bradley.

This chapter is about a conversation of Mr Clay and Mr Hansen and a meeting of the headmaster with the school’s trustees.
Everything opens with Mr Clay telling Mr Hansen the things Thomas told him before. Mr Hansen is very surprised and decides to catch Bradley when he makes a mistake. The second part of the chapter takes place in headmaster’s office. It tells the reader about the meeting of the headmster and the school’s trustees. The reader gets to know that the school has got a money problem. Either the school gets more pupils or they have to reduce the number of people who are employed at the school.
It ends with the schocked headmaster ending the meeting.

Chapter ten is the most important and most action-packed part of the book. Mr Clay and Mr Hansen want to catch Bradley and his friends when they are celebrating an illegal party.
The scene opens with the two teachers sitting around the ground of Hartlands on a bench, waiting for the right moment. After a few minutes they start their operation. Clay and Hansen rush into Bradleys room and find alcohol, cigarettes and a women from the city. While the teachers are searching for drugs, one of the pupils is able to run away with a little package. They can not stop him.
This scene ends with Mr Clay punshing Bradley in the face..

The eleventh chapter is about a meeting of the headmaster with the teacher. In this scene the headmaster tells them how he has to solve the money problem of the school.
The scene takes place in the headmaster’s office. First they are talking about Bradley, but then the Headmaster changes the topic. He announces how to solve the money problem of the school. The headmaster opens a envelope and says that Mr Clay and Mr Hansen have to go, because they are the newest teachers at the school.
The chapter ends with a excuse of Mr Graham, the headmaster.

The last chapter of the novel is the shortest
of the whole book.
The scene takes place in Thomas’s room.
Bradley walks in, pushes Thomas into the room and closes the door.
The novel has an open end and the reader does not get to know what will happen in the room.


In the novel „Betrayed“ by Carl Taylor, Thomas Walker, a new pupil at Hartlands, a very exclusive private school, is one of the main characters and is described as a very shy (p.6 l.30) but friendly boy.
The reader is introduced into Thomas life by a third person narrator when he visits his new school the first time.
In this scene the reader gets to know that Thomas Walker is a very shy boy and is not good in making friends. Also he is very lucky, because in his room his roommate is a very nice person and he is not sad that he is at this school anymore. Unfortunately there are a few boys who do not like him and they are mobbing him.
His best friends at school are a teacher called Mr Clay and his roommate Ralph Jenkins.
All in all Thomas Walker is a shy but friendly person, who is new at school and has some problems with unfriendly pupils.

Ein kleiner Brief als Schmankerl von Thomas an seine Mutter ;)

Thomas writes a letter to his mum:

Dear Mum!
Today it is my tenth day at Hartlands. I think, this is the right school for me. But I’ve got a problem… It is nothing important, but… There is a guy, I don’t know why, but he is kidding me! At the first day he has done a welcome treatment with me. He flooded my room with a big bag of water! That is not funny!
I already talked with Mr Clay about this theme, I hope he will manage it. He is very nice to me, I’m quiet glad to have him as my “private” teacher!
It a pity, that you weren’t able to see the whole countryside of Hartlands when you have been here, it is really great! Like the pupils, everyone is very friendly. Well, nearly everyone, just Bradley is a little bit nasty. But I think he is just like this because I’m the new one. After a few weeks everything will be normal.
I miss you mum!
I’m looking forward to see you in the holidays! =)

In love,

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