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Batterie Farming (Massentierhaltung) - Referat


Batterie farming is defined as the high concentrated keeping of animals, mostly chicken, cows and pigs in a big number on a small place for producing food from the animals. In farms with batterie farming there live mostly only animals of one sort.
Because of economic and ecological reasons the method of batterie farming increases. You speak about batterie farming when a farm keeps for example more than 1,250 pigs or over 30,000 chicken. Protecter of animals donīt agree with this method because the animals arenīt kept correctly. In these farms is the danger of a epidemic much bigger/higher (??) than in smaller farms with more sorts of animals. The animals get faster and more often ill and because of that they must take much medicine.

The developpement from a small farm to a big batterie farming concern
One farmer produces today as much as 4 farmers 20 years ago. The main reason for that is the increasing concurrence on the world market. The farmers try to produce the product as cheap as possible. They specialize on one product and they use more and more technical tools instead of workers because the workers are too expensive.

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