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Baris Manco - Referat

The Lord of seventh Sky “Baris Manco”

Family and his Life (short):
Baris was born in 1943 in Istanbul and visited the High school. After the school he studied Degins and Arts in Belgium. He was married and got two sons. In 1953 he began his music career with an unusual outlook, very strange for that time in Turkey.

What was so Special on Baris Manco:
He was the one of first pioneer of ethnic rock, he mixed or combined to a rock beat a harmonic structure of a traditional Turkish folk music. So he was definitely before his time. Also the special Lyrics made him special too.

The way of his Lyrics:
Baris was sick of these cheap lyrics about cheap love themes. He always created original lyrics, mostly from everyday life between people.

Baris was not only a singer; he was also a composer, TV producer, TV celebrity and Traveller. He made TV shows for children and family, like “The child who wouldn’t grow up” or “From 7 to 77”. The basic idea of Baris was to meet people and build cultural bridges between countries. Baris travelled to over 150 countries and left 550.000 km behind him.
Presidents, Philosophs, VIPs, Members of Royal Families, and Superstars are some that Baris had hosted in his show.

Manco Philosophy:
Is officially a used word in turkey and means the combination of the human values and progressive modern civic norms.

Baris got a great diligence, was modesty and keep over the years very childish, he died on 1999 on a heart attack....

......but I personally think the dead were gone on a mysterious way. I heard from Critical and TV that it be possible, whatever.
Baris was a great guy because he fought for the friendship on countries, he’s peaceful lyrics impress me lot. So if you travel to turkey and have a conversation with a Turk please say something that you know something about Baris, and they will invite you to a dinner.

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