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Barack Obamas victory speech - Referat

Barack Obama held his victory speech in Chicago on 7th November 2012, Election Day, in which he addressed the supporters of his presidential campaign to thank them for their commitment and illustrated his vision of the American people and the nation's future.

Obama's speech consists of the introduction, the body and the conclusion whereby he mentions that America has been moving forward although there have been difficulties. According to him, he and his supporters are united and can solve the issues that have come up. He elaborates about his hope for children to get educated properly and that America is a safe, respected and admired country that is confident and lives in peace with freedom and dignity for everyone. Obama trusts in America and looks forward to having a good or even better future. Eventually he addresses America and believes in new jobs, new opportunities and new security for every individual person with equal rights.

In his speech, Barack Obama not only wants to thank the Americans for the support but also keep them motivated for the following years.
At some points, Obama's short sentences are connected with longer ones due to the use of hyphens which make its structure more complex (l.20-24). The hereby created effect provides the further elaboration of an important topic. The politician uses formal language (l.24) and stays confident (l.32) throughout the whole speech to let his audience know that his intentions are serious.

Additionally, he has hope and faith in achieving his goals together with the American people (l.30) during his presidency.
To establish contact with his audience, Obama makes use of an anaphora right at the beginning of his speech (l.3) but also by using the personal pronouns ‘’we’’ and ‘’us’’ (l.6). His frequent use of personal pronouns, such as ‘our’ and ‘us’(l.6-10), also gives the audience the feeling that he does not regard himself as superior to them, but as one of them.

Using another anaphora, which is used in l.13 and 17, Obama illustrates the importance of the peoples’ children to live in a good America that has the best schools among other things. To underline his motivation, the president uses repetitions
such as ‘’that isn’t«« (l.17-18) by referring to a vision of America that is not weak and broken and that furthermore has a better future. Additionally he uses an enumeration in l. 20-21 to stress the importance of the country’s image. Another significant repetition which Obama uses in l.28, is used to underline the importance and to send a lasting signal to the people that America needs to go forward.
At the end of his speech, he uses an alliteration and repetition (l.33-36) to highlight the importance of the peoples’ individuality and equality.

In conclusion Barack Obama praises the American people and motivates them by visualizing his main future projects and beliefs. He aspires to an even better America by referring to equality. In my opinion, Obama's sp.eech gives the reader or the listener hope and energy to fight for a better country and succeeds by spreading the importance of his illustrations. By frequently using the personal pronouns ‘’we’’ and ‘’us’’, the audience builds an emotional connection to him so that his message can be more emphasized

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