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BMW M3 - Referat

Hello, my name is muster mann and im 16 years old.
i was born in illertissen on 18th july 1993. im from turkey but i live in Germany .
i have a little sister. Her name is a-g, shes 2 years old.
my father is 45 years old, his name is f-n, hes a tax adviser.
My mother is 40 years old, her name is a-n and she is wholesaler.
My favourite subject is maths. My hobbies are:play computer, listen to music,
meet friends, go jogging, dress hairs and i collect shoes.i am often very happy,
but if i am angry i am the biggest capricorn. My favourite job is office purchase woman.
I love rotweilers so much. if i see a rotweiler i will go to him and kiss the dog.
they are so bombastic. if im 18, i go and buy a rotweiler. ok thats it.
now, i tell you about my dream car. I was only 11 as I love bmw 335.
I was the biggest fan from BMW. With 12 I start to collect photos of bmw 335.
i read lots of things about this car, i buy magazines and books.
i search pictures and informatins on the internet. in the mean time i have collected
over 500 pictures of this car. my mother often stressed me,if i search informations in
the internet.she said, that i am a psycho. One day i came from school and i had a very
good note in maths. My mother was so happy. she said, that she wants to buy a new mobile
phone for me.in the night as i was in my bed, i became a very good idea. in the next day
after i came from the school, i sat with my mother and we spoke about my future. i said,
that i has a very good idea. I told her, if im very good in the school and make my
specialized Abitur, than you buy me my dream car. she was very shoked and asked me how
much it is cost. i said, that it costs 40.000 euro.At first she said no but 1 week
later she said ok. But only if i have my conclusion. i was so happy. it was the best
day in my live. i wrote a text about it and she must sign it.That was so funny. If i see
a BMW 335, i go and look at the rims and the chairs and so on. sport-packed is the best.
I know thats very craz, but i love this car. And my biggest problem is ,
that I must wait 3 years .
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