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Avril Lavigne - Referat

aVriiL LaViiiGne!!
Avril Ramona Lavigne was born on the 27.September 1984 in Beleville, Canada and is a rock- and popsinger .
Avril is 1,55 m and her shoe size is 38. Her nationality is Canadian.
Her hair is blond and her
eyes are blue-green. Avril´s favourite colours are black and red and she hears Teen Pop and Rock.
She went in a privat school and there Avril got traning in music and play. When she was 14 she learned herself to play the guitar and later she played piano too. Her parents wanted that Avril will be famous and so
Avril Lavigne sang in churches and small meetings.
One day Avril sang in a library and there her first manager Cliff Fabri found out that Avril was a big talent. When she was 16 she has signed her first disk postphone by Arista. She broke off her school and moved to New York.
From April until September 2oo3 she was on her “Try To Shut Me Up -Tour2oo3” and she had over 50 concerts in North America, Australia,Europe and Asia. There she played the coversongs Basket Case from Green Day and Fuel from Metallica. On this tour she played e-guitar and acoustics guitar
In the next year she was on her Mall-Tour in the U.S.A and England and there she played singles from her album Under My Skin.
Then followed the Bonez Tour 2oo5/o4 from September o4 until September o5 in North America, South America, Australia, South Africa, Europe and Asia. She gave over 12o concerts on this tour and she played the coversongs American Idiot from Green Day, Song2 from Blur, Smells Like Teen Spirit from Nirvanna, Hey Ya from Outcast and All The Small Things from Blink182.
She was voted by the magazine People with the choice to the most beautiful woman of the world on place 11
Avril Lavigne had her first big cinema up-ridden in the film Fast Food Nation. Some years ago she had some little up-riddens in Sabrina-Total verhext (2oo3) and Hang Time (2oo4).
She took over a Synchronisation of a rolls in the animated film “Ab durch die Hecke”
She has a beside-rolls in the film The Flock. This film is comeing soom in the cinemas 2oo7. By the Olympic winter-plays in Turin Avril gave a concert with another stars in Piazza Castello on the 21.February . It was an unplugged
concert and she played song of her albums Let Go and Under My Skin.
She sang her song Who Knows by a party . All the other singers didn´t
Sing live and they sang playback, but Avril sang live and not playback .
This party saw between 500 millions and 2. milliards people on the whole world.
In December 2oo6 after a long waiting period she sang the song Keep Holding On.She has written this song for the film Eragon.
Her new album is The Best Damm Thing. You can buy it since April 2oo7. You can buy her new single Girlfriend in different spoken for example
in German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese
Her Albums are
Let You Go 2oo2
Under My Skin 2oo4
The Best Damm Thing (2oo7)
Her singles are
Sk8er Boi
I´m with you
Losing Grip
Don´t Tell Me
My Happy Ending
Nobody´s home
Fall To Pieces
Keep Holding On
When You´re GOne
I can do better
. This time she lives in Los Angeles with her hustband Deryck Jayson Whibley . He is the singer of the band sum 41. Avril and Deryck get married on 15.Juli 2oo6
I´ve held this paper about Avril Lavigne because she is my favourite singer and I like her music very much .
Avril is great .I hope you´ve understand a lot and I hope my paper hasn´t been boring

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